Shopping around the house

Lately I’ve been “shopping around the house” to stop me from going out and actually shopping, and to try and weave our rooms together a little better. Gray and yellow are colors I want throughout the house, so now that we’re in and settled I need to start pulling things together a bit better.

Here’s what I’ve got so far:

My previous kitchen table centerpiece was just meh, standard and lazy. Now it’s got a little more me in it.

Thanks to the DIY curtain I made for the bathroom, I was able to blend gray in with the brown. To pull it together a little more, I painted our old q-tip holder to match (and I’m on the lookout for new soap and tooth brush holders).

While I was at it, I rearranged our living room built in shelves as well. They were a little ho-hum with too many tea cups and too much overcrowding.

When I was done with all that I thought why stop here and I uploaded one of the digital graphics I bought from Moo & Puppy as my Twitter background. Originally I bought the graphics to fill my living room shutters, one of which is pictured below, but why on earth not use it elsewhere around the house and on the web. Head to my Twitter to check it out, and heck why don’t you go ahead and follow me while you’re there. 😉



So tell me, how many rooms in your house have year round Halloween decorations? I’m up to 4. Have you done any re-purposing lately?