One Year Later: The Sunroom

All this week I’m going to be posting before and after photos of the house, so keep tuning in to see what a completely different place we live in now!

We use the side door to enter the house, which leads right into what we call the sunroom. This room was an addition to the house and was added when the previous owners redid the kitchen (maybe 5-7 years ago). It has three walls and then completely opens into the kitchen on the fourth side.

The previous owners used it as their living room because they ran a day care out of the actual living room, but we just use it as extra seating for dinners and parties.

This is what the room looked like on the day I first toured it.


And this is what it looks like now!


And here’s just one more angle:



What we did:

  • Took down all the wallpaper, primed, and painted (including the ceiling)
  • Took down bay window shade
  • Added homemade by Nonna yellow curtains to windows and thermal curtains to sliding door
  • Added bench, chair, garden stand, bar, and accessories


Still to do:

  • Possibly repaint so it matches the rest of the house better (it’s the only room with green)
  • Possibly redo the floor so it matches the rest of the house better (again with the green)
  • Paint the door and hang a matching yellow curtain (which we already have)
  • Repair holes in sliding door screen


Whew! What a huge difference a coat of paint makes. This is the first room we worked on when we moved in and I’m so glad it came out so well. It’s nice to walk into a nice, bright, open room every time I come home 🙂


Want to know where something came from? Or how something was done? Got any suggestions? Leave it in the comments!



4 thoughts on “One Year Later: The Sunroom

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  3. a note on the floor: (the whole thing looks great, by the way :)) I don’t mind the tile! that’s very similar to what my mom has in her kitchen. It looks near-hideous in the before pictures but the brightening up of the room really helps the floor to look A LOT better. I think, though, that if you did the floor to match the kitchen it would be even lovelier. there’s just something wonderful about hard wood floors.

    • thanks! I like the floor too, I just don’t know how I feel about it not matching anything else. Part of me wants to redo it for the fun of redoing it… another part of me says redoing isn’t going to up the value of the house because it’s not in bad shape anyway, so why spend the money? In the meantime though, you’re right that it does look a lot better.

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