ONE YEAR LATER: Landing & Guest Room

All this week I’m going to be posting before and after photos of the house, so keep tuning in to see what a completely different place we live in now!

Our house is a split level ranch so there’s 5 or 6 steps leading up from the living room to the second level, and on the second level is the bathroom and the three bedrooms.

The landing itself looks much better in the before pictures then it did in real life- it was filthy. There were dirty little hand prints all over the wall (because she ran a day care out of the living room), the wallpaper border was peeling and yellowed, and it was very outdated. A few coats of Behr White Truffle paint later though and it is fresh.

If I ever think I want to put up a wallpaper border, please stop me with brute force.


Clean, bright white makes this space look so much larger.


There were nail holes in such strange places all over the walls, I can’t figure out what on earth they were hanging!


The molding still isn’t great, but everything else is vastly improved.


And how about a few close ups of the art:

This is actually just one frame all stuck together. I purchased it at Target a few years ago and then used blank note cards that I got from Etsy (for like $3!) as matting and art.


The two smaller pictures are more pieces I got off Etsy a few years back and the large map came from an old atlas my school library was getting rid of.



Now to move on into the guest room, which was originally a young boy’s room. This room is tiny so after we painted I put as little furniture as possible in there to widen it up. I also haven’t put anything on the wall yet because I don’t want to crowd them in, but I plan to make something with a mirror for behind the bed to add a little more reflection to the space.

Beige and navy- that navy took SEVERAL coats of primer to get rid of.

ORANGE YOU GLAD I PAINTED IT?! (sorry, couldn’t help myself there.)



Who painted those awful stripes? Why didn’t they measure? Why don’t they go all the way to the half way mark? AH!

It was really dark and cloudy out this morning so the wall color didn’t really photograph right, I added a swatch of it so you could see the real deal.


Yes, I know that four walls of orange is a bit crazy. But you know what, it’s a spare room- there’s no need for it to be serious. I also painted it fully knowing that a future niece  or nephew (turns out it’s a nephew!!) would be sleeping in there sometimes and I think orange is super fun for a crazy aunt to have around. Also, it is my absolute favorite color.


Here’s the round up of what we’ve done:

  • Took down wallpaper border, primed and painted all walls and ceilings
  • Painted the built in hall cabinet and replaced the handles
  • Decorated


Here’s what’s still on tap:

  • The hunt for a new white wooden hamper
  • Art for behind the guest room bed (I’ve got plans for that)



So overall nothing huge besides the difference a few gallons of paint makes (which is apparently a pretty huge difference). What do you think?




2 thoughts on “ONE YEAR LATER: Landing & Guest Room

  1. 1. here’s where wallpaper borders are okay: in a baby’s bedroom. that’s really about it… and even then it’s questionable.
    2. I thought you were magical for hanging those frames so perfectly close together! but it’s not magic… just target. but it’s still awesome and looks great!
    3. your orange joke made me laugh 🙂
    4. the boy’s bedroom looked like his parents said, “you can paint your walls however you want.” and then they didn’t help him. it looks MUCH better now.
    5. I also think that the white in the hallways is perfect. too much color in a hallway can clash with the bedrooms if they’re all different colors.
    6. (I like multiples of three) it all looks great! any plans for the molding?

    • I think I agree with the baby room border… but man when you have to take it down a few years later it STINKS. My brother and sister in law just bought a house and in the soon-to-be-born baby’s room there was a border (from the previous owner’s kid) that I spent a few hours removing. The difference between wallpaper and bordering is the border is ALL GLUE because it’s so thin. It’s a real jerk when you try to get it off.

      I’m not sure about the molding yet… my dad seems to think a good scrub with warm water and laundry detergent might clean it up so one of these days I’m going to try that. I like the look of the original wood so I really do want to keep it if we can. But then again, all the molding on the first floor is painted so at least if we decided to paint the upstairs molding it’d look uniform.

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