Our Little Engagement Story

Well first things first, I absolutely promise not to go crazy with wedding stuff all over this blog even though holy crap I am going to be a wife soon…. but I thought I’d type this up once here instead of messaging and emailing everyone individually. So I hope you all don’t mind the slight DIY detour. And a few other detours along the way as I DIY invitations, centerpieces, and whatever else I can.

Today is Matt’s and my 3 year anniversary, even though we’ve known each other for much longer then that. However, he knew I fully expected the proposal today and it is nearly impossible to surprise me because I’m such a sneak, so he proposed yesterday. And this is how it went down:

I got home from work yesterday, cranky because I was hungry and seriously I need to eat when I’m hungry or I get real awful. So I took off my shoes and opened a bag of pepperoni and starting sharing some slices with the dog (Dutch) while Matt was trying oh so patiently to get me to go upstairs. Once the hunger cranks had subsided we went up and he said he and Dutch had a project to show me, and I fully expected maybe the bathroom ceiling to be painted or something because he had the day off. Nope. He had covered our bedroom with candles and tea lights and was down on one knee and who the heck knows what exactly he said to me because I was so excited, but he asked me to marry him. It was something along the lines of he and Dutch really hoping I’d say yes. And then we decided pepperoni slices were not actually an adequate dinner so we went out to eat to celebrate!


So that’s that- nice and special, very “us.” Hopefully we’ll set a date for sometime around fall of 2013,  something smallish and cozy with lots of dancing and fun.


Here we are on the day we starting dating 3 years ago:




9 thoughts on “Our Little Engagement Story

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  2. I am sooo excited for you!!! I can’t believe my longest friend in my entire life is getting married. I remember when we were just kids playing Mr. Fix It haha. I love Matt and you together you guys are perfect!!! I am so happy for you! What an amazing story too!! So sweet!!!

  3. SO EXCITING! I’m so happy for you 🙂 Congrats!!! (and I’m totally cool with seeing wedding stuff all over your blog. two of my close friends are getting married fall 2013 so I’m all about it!)

  4. HOLY CRAP YOU’RE REALLY GETTING MARRIED. It’s not real until I comment about it on every possible form of social media.

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