High 5 for Friday

PhotobucketToday I’m linking up with From My Grey Desk for “High 5 for Friday.”

Here’s my top 5 for the week:

1. Well really now, I think it’s a little obvious what my number one is. While we have no plans yet, and probably won’t for a bit because Matt has student teaching to get through this fall, I think it’s safe to say we only have one more “dating anniversary” left before we switch over to celebrating wedding anniversaries. Also, I already scheduled a tasting at a venue for November because even though we have no plans we’re perfectly willing to taste test free food. 🙂 Also, apparently those things book up fast and November was the earliest one available!

2. With a little help from my grandparents and a little help from my Holiday Inn rewards points, we were able to get a Black and Decker Grasshog and do some serious weed-wacking this week. And by we, I mean Matt since I can’t be outside for more then an hour or two before my allergies start knocking me down. Matt and I did tons of research to figure out what brand and type we wanted but at the end of the day we went with our tried and true method: call Dad and ask what he has. So far it’s worked excellent, we got a 100 foot electrical cord to go with it and it’s all very light weight and high quality.

3. In the excitement of getting engaged we’ve done a ton of celebrating this week. And how do we celebrate? By eating, of course. Monday night we made use of a Friday’s gift certificate I’ve had sitting around for a while, Tuesday (our actual 3 year dating anniversary date) we tried a restaurant called EVO that was delish, and last night our dear friends took us out to the Flatbread Pizza Company. om nom nom. Maybe the wedding dress diet will start next week… I make no promises.

4. We sold our pool on Craigslist! I’ll put up a post next week about how it was sold and how it was taken apart, but for today you can see how we’ve replaced the eye sore of a covered pool with the eye sore of a sanded, weedy backyard plateau. No one said this was an overnight process…

5. Matt painted our bathroom ceiling this week! No more mold, mildew, and sickly gray hanging overhead and no more pee stink vent! I’m still waiting for him to send me the “before” pictures so I can write up a quick post about how it went down, but I am impressed. Do you think between the weed wacking and the ceiling painting he was perhaps softening me up for some big question? Hm.

So there you go- it’s been a great week! How’s yours been?


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