It’s a Dirty Job

Matt was busy, busy around the house last week getting things done before he’s back to schooling and work full time. Of all he did, I’m most pleased he tackled the grossness of our upstairs bathroom. Even though we painted, frosted the window and removed the drape, added a new curtain, and switched up the mirror , and redecorated a little there was still two big issues: stank and mold.

First he tackled the vent- which I will not share pictures of because I could barely look at them myself. But they were rusted, bubbled, and full of dust and pee. Yes, pee. My lovely fiance scrubbed, sanded and repainted and now it’s fresh white and un-stanked.

Next up  he tackled the ceiling, which was covered in various types of mold. Here’s a few shots of it:

I don’t even want to talk about how it feels to look up from a shower to see patches of that lurking above.

Oooh black mold, my favorite.

Somehow this is my THIRD experience with moldy ceilings. Hopefully it is my last. But from experience, I instructed Matt to completely bleach the ceiling (1 part bleach, 2 parts water) to kill the mold, let it dry, sand and scrape it off, and then to paint. Things are looking much better now:

The absence of color never looked so good.

Painting the ceiling made a WORLD of difference. This room has graduated from “dark, sad, and awful” to “bright, light, and live able.” I’ll take it! If you want to see what we started with, just check here.


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    • haha in person it’s SO AWFUL. I was joking this weekend that I wished hurricane Sandy would blow a branch right into the bathroom so insurance would get me a new one. lol. glad it looks good in pictures!!

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