High 5 for Friday!

PhotobucketI’m linking up with From My Grey Desk once again for H54F! It was a simple, easy week, but I’m still glad it’s almost the weekend!


1. On Monday Matt & I joined some friends at an old movie theater called The Strand to see Rear Window, which I’d never seen before. The theater is gorgeous and restored so nicely, there’s side tables in between seats so you have room to lounge and eat if you want, and our friends had a coupon so it was f-r-e-e for us. We had a great time!


2. On Tuesday I tried my hand at flower arranging- it had rained so hard that my gladiolas were knocked over so I figured I  may as well trim them and put them in a vase. Only I don’t really have any vases so I used a champagne flute, same dif. Clearly I’m no pro at this, but for a first try it’s not too awful. I used 4 gladiolas, some coreopsis, and some greens. They’re in the den which holds over 5,000 movies so really anything is a visual improvement.


3. Wednesday & Thursday I got a chance to use some of my homegrown from seed herbs, which I was way too excited about. On Wednesday I made a sage and lemon sauce to pour over spaghetti (browned butter, lemon, sage, and parmesan) and on Thursday I doctored up some Ragu sauce with my basil, parsley, and oregano. Yum!



4. Yesterday I also pit stopped at Target on my way home to grab a few things and found myself meandering around the clothing department, I made it out with only 2 dresses which is a miracle because I tried on 6. I wasn’t a dress person for such a long time and then it dawned on me that hello you don’t have to wear pants if you’re in a dress. And who wants to wear pants? No one!



5. Today after work I’m headed to a little lounge-y pool party with some work friends, cross your fingers for sunny skies! It’ll be my first pool day all summer… I know, I’m nuts. I prefer hibernating.



How was your week?!


5 thoughts on “High 5 for Friday!

  1. mmm those sauces sound tasty!

    and I seriously love dresses… I have enough that I could go 2 weeks and not wear the same one. it’s just so much EASIER! and in winter… just add tights and boots! wonderful. and those dresses are SUPER cute. I have to stay away from that part of target or else I’d go broke.

    • I have such a ridiculous amount of dresses… and Target is all back-to-school clothes cute right now so it’s a very dangerous place.

      I do the same thing in the winter- almost every dress I have can be worn in every season, which is why I don’t feel bad owning about a thousand. haha!

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