A preview of things to come

I haven’t done any big projects in quite a while and around 4:30 yesterday when my dog sidekick and I pulled up the driveway after a 3 mile walk/hike it hit me. I hate the flower box under my side bay window, and I hate the patchy grass in front of it and I just couldn’t look at it any more. So with 3 hours to spare before company came over for the night I went to town… I find that if I at least start a project, having it stare me in the face on the regular will drive me nuts enough to finish it asap.


Our bay window originally looked like this:

This is the saddest looking flower bed I have ever seen.


I dug up just about all those plants and transplanted them to various spots around the yard, cleared the weeds and nonsense, dug up the rocks (we’re on a hill so we’ve got real rocky soil), and switched my potted herb garden to an in the dirt herb garden.

Still pretty sad looking, but a definite improvement.


I decided to keep the filler greens (I don’t know what their real name is) on the left because they’re nice to trim and use in flower arrangements, I added my three herbs which will hopefully now spread and grow, and I left the zinneas because they’re already there and they won’t grow back next year anyway.

Still to do this summer: fix the rock border so it’s not so haphazard and drunk looking

Still to do next summer: add sage and rosemary and then mulch


But I couldn’t just stop there, of course! We have a ton of cement pavers in our yard left over from when we got rid of the pool, and I’ve been dying to use them to create a few walkways around our house.  I lugged a bunch of them to the front yard and laid them out then got my handy dandy pitchfork and started to tear it up.

Me woman. Me strong. Me have a hurting back today.


The walkway will run from the driveway to the fence, so it’s not super huge but just big enough to make it more welcoming and homey. Throughout the week I plan to dig up (and relocate) the dirt and grass, spray weed killer and spread sand, place the pavers, and fill in the rest of the whole with some pea gravel. I have the sand and gravel leftover from the pool as well, so it’s another one of my favorite kind of projects: f-r-double e.




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