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I admit, it’s been all quiet on the western front here for a bit. It’s back to school mode around here, I work at a college and Matt is student teaching this semester so house stuff has been a bit on hold (though I still have a few in progress things like our stink stairs and walkway).

I thought to silence the crickets I’d post a few little wedding thoughts and ideas I’ve had floating around:

– I want small, small, small for our wedding. I was really hoping to have no more then 100 people, but it’s looking closer to 120-130 and that’s with A LOT of cuts. One of the best ideas I was given was that if I want to keep it small and we end up cutting friends we’re not amped to cut is to just have a little part-ay at our house the next weekend for us all to get together. Who says I can’t have an open bar in my sunroom and a dance floor in my living room? No one, that’s who. And our friends will hopefully understand our budget and my fear of social interaction.

– Originally I absolutely, 100% wanted our colors to be gray and yellow and white, but now we’ve got our eyes set on a particular venue that may not work for. So I guess I learned I can’t just be all willy nilly with this, I like themes and if I pick a theme I want to stick with it. If gray and yellow doesn’t match the venue, it’s out. At least I’ve still got my gray and yellow living room.

– We are touring one venue at the end of September and one venue at the beginning of November. I’m super hoping we don’t have to tour more then that. And that every single date for fall 2013 won’t already be booked. It BAFFLES me how quickly places book up.

– We’re not doing an engagement shoot because I just don’t see why we would need one, and on that note we’re not doing save the dates either. I also don’t plan on having flowers because I’m wildly allergic anyway. Hopefully these three things, combined with lots of other little things, will help to cut costs.

So- any advice for me? Warnings? Funny stories? Breathing techniques? 🙂


5 thoughts on “Here & There Wedding Things

  1. You can ABSOLUTELY do a wedding on the cheap! We borrowed a ton of stuff from our places of work and we bought food at BJs and asked people help. People LOVE to be a part of your big day! We borrowed a dance floor, my aunt made a broccoli salad I loved. Can we do just yellow and white, no gray?

    • gray might turn to silver… we’re looking at the Higgins Armory Museum in Worcester at the end of September and it’s not really a gray and yellow centerpiece kind of place. More like a little pumpkin and a metallic table number kind of place I think.

  2. I’ve never gotten married but my advice is to just have fun… 🙂 you don’t have to be traditional. and a party a week after the wedding sounds like a great idea and a GREAT way to save money. weddings are freaking expensive!!! yikes.
    I’m also super allergic to flowers. I’m thinking a bouquet that’s made out of something like buttons or brooches 🙂

    • thank you!!
      I LOVE the idea of buttons or brooches… originally I was thinking maybe even a little lantern with either fake flower petals or a no flame candle in it. but maybe some sparkly brooches in there too…. hm

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