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My bedroom is… ordinary. And isn’t that just the worst thing ever? I actually I identified this room as the one I want to work on in your Fearlessly Finding Awesome Challenge (ps- what happened to those, missy?) but then I got stuck. Then months later I spray painted my dresser blue in hopes of getting on the ball, and while the room’s not awful it’s just not me. Allow me to show you what I’m talking about:

The first thing you see when you walk in is our lack of closet doors, and the little gate I have in front of it to stop the dog from stealing all my shoes. It’s hideous and I hate it and it does not at all encourage me to keep my closet neat.

Ok, I see lots of things when I walk in besides the gate. Like our gross brown curtains (from Big Lots about 5 years ago), our plain beige walls (beige walls AND white ceiling for epic blandness), the nothing-special-about-it lampThen we’ve got a paisley bedspread, which is fine, I guess, but what you can’t tell from this picture is that all four corners have each been resewed at least twice because I thought a new comforter and a teething puppy would get along. I was so so wrong, and now I so so need a new comforter.

In the corner we’ve got a chair that pairs with another one I have downstairs, I thought maybe mixing fabrics would be kind of interesting and it does look nice… but nice isn’t what I’m going for. I’m going for BAZAM. At least the blue dresser makes a statement:

See! I can spray paint! Look what a helper I can be. 🙂  It’s actually a dark navy in person, but it’s not sealed because I couldn’t find a poly that would work. Also, I don’t know how to look for poly. And also, I store my purses under a chair because I have no other space in the room. You hoard chairs, I hoard shoes- and I bet my itsy bitsy shoes take up just as much room as all your chairs SO that leaves no space in the closet for purses.

Then at the foot of our bed is our lazy bookshelf and tv stand. And that’s it.

Don’t judge me for having an entire shelf dedicated to Nic Cage movies, I’m a little strange.

The bookcase really doesn’t need to be in this room, and is totally off center with the bed but I had nothing else and just a plain bare wall so there it sits. Gathering dust. Because with internet and Netflix I really don’t read all that much.

And one more time, just for kicks, the view that is the bane of my existence:

I absolutely can’t stand the sad state of affairs our closet is in. I hate the the wall you walk in against is bare. I hate that there’s nothing stenciled in this entire room (and I KNOW you’re just dying to get your stencil on).

Overall the room is average, but when you’ve got zebra striped chairs in your living room and a metallic accent table in your entryway and hand made art in your kitchen this just feels so off kilter and sad. I focused so much on the rooms that everyone else gets to see that I lost track of the room I see the most. PLEASE HELP.

Also, I live in Masschusetts, where Halloween was cancelled due to snow last year, so get here ASAP with that Krylon! AND as of a few weeks ago my man Matt and I are newly engaged so we REALLY need a slammin’ new master bedroom to call our very own, dontcha think?

And if you’re worried we might not be style BFF’s, check out some of my projects:

Thanks for taking the time to take a peek! See more on me in the about me section if you’d like. 🙂



  1. Steph! You are ADORABLE! Add I am sorry about the FFA stuff, I got a little distracted! I would LOVE to come to your house though, your room is a great space it just needs a little sprucing up! And congrats on the engagement!! Good luck!

    Love your guts

  2. What color chevron bedspread are you looking for? I just went to Targets website and they have a yellow, grey and blue queen size chevron bedspread for just $29.99!!! You may have already looked there, but all the other ones I found online were a tad bit pricey.

    I just got all new furniture for our bedroom this weekend that I posted on my blog. Now I just have to work on the paint (I’m thinking gray walls) and some type of yellow and gray bedspread for splashes of color.
    I actually don’t mind the blue dresser in your bedroom, I think if you just added some type of silver hardware on it, it would make a big difference.

    • Oh I’ll have to check Target– I looked MONTHS ago and there was nothing but I bet with back to school/dorm stuff there’s better now.

      You should check out vintagerevivals.com … this blog post is going to be an entry into a contest the blog is having next week. Maybe you’ll want to enter too 🙂

  3. I think if you can find a “bazam” area rug, everything else will start coming to you! Another tip – if you put your bed on an angle in a corner would there still be room for your furniture? My husband and I did that in our room and suddenly the room didn’t feel so boxy and normal anymore. Good luck – it’ll be fun to see what you come up with!

    • We tried a bunch of configurations for the bed and just couldn’t make it work… the contest this blog entry is for opens next week so if I don’t win at least I can get ideas from people! I totally need an area rug.

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