High 5 For Friday!

PhotobucketWell thank goodness it’s Friday! Between school starting where I work, the committee I hopped on to that required me to take work home all this week, and Matt getting into the student teaching groove it has been hectic. I’m ready for the weekend!

It’s not all bad though, here’s my top 5:

1. FIRST and absolutely FOREMOST is that voting has opened for the Vintage Revivals Epic Room Makeover. Please oh please won’t you vote for me? All you have to do is visit here, scroll down down down down, then click on the little star by entry #36 . You can vote once a day per IP adress for the next week and I will send you a million good vibes if you do. If you’d like to see my entry it’s right here.

2. My third guest spot posted today over at Cozy Home Scenes! The blog runs a Friday series called Paws & Claws and today it features the adoption story for Dutch, my dog sidekick. Also, in honor of it being my third feature I created a little “features” tab on the menu bar at the top of my blog. Be sure to check out my other two if you haven’t already!

3. It just so happens that today is my birthday! To celebrate me, Matt, and two of our bestest friends are going to a dessert showcase tomorrow. HOLLER. I can wait to eat my face off. Afterwards, I’m probably going to drink my face off. But not really because I’m a little old for that and I don’t want my tummy to hurt in the morning. ::le sigh::

4. My brother has sent me two adorable videos of my nephew this week. I have taken to calling him Jack Attack, Jack Burrito, and Jack Taco. I’m sure there’s plenty more nicknames to come. Matt & I will be going to visit him on Sunday… is it Sunday yet?

5. Um yes, hello, I am on Twitter and you’re not following me… why? For no good reason, that’s why! I post all sorts of good stuff on there so get on it!


6 thoughts on “High 5 For Friday!

  1. Hi Stephanie…..Sorry it has taken me so long to drop by, but the past few weeks have been extremely hectic. Thank you for telling everyone about your guest post. I appreciate you sharing your story about Dutch with everyone. Congrats on your new nephew!

    • thanks for stopping by! I am SO hoping I win the epic room contest, voting is everyday for a week and I’ve enlisted pretty much everyone I know to vote. The projects that blogger does are INCREDIBLE!!

      and I agree, blog reading is ABSOLUTELY better then working! haha

  2. Ooh I love room makeovers and yours is GREAT! Happy bday too. Found you through the High 5 hop. Glad I did cause now I get to check out this epic room contest. That’s always better than working, right??

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