The Guest Room

I am slowly but surely taking pictures to add to my Paint Color House Tour tab and I thought I’d do a little post about the guest room, it doesn’t make an appearance on the blog too often and it’s starting to come together a bit more.

Our guest room is orange. Extremely orange. Orange and gray are my favorite colors, and while I totally wouldn’t want this color on my own bedroom wall (or really anywhere else in the house), I think it’s totally appropriate for a spare room.

The guest room is teeny tiny, and has come a long way from what it used to look like  but it’s definitely the slowest progressing room in the house. I really don’t want to spend a lot of money on a room that’s maybe used once a month, and not even by us (no offense guests).

It’s cozied up with lots of blankets and a white comforter and a nightstand, but it still needs wall art.

Sometimes I think I want a giant map to hang behind the bed, which would tie in to the map that’s on the landing right outside the door way. Sometimes I think I want to take all my leftover wood shims and great a big DIY white starburst mirror behind the bed. Sometimes I want to leave it completely bare and let the orange speak for itself.


Either way, one thing’s for sure- orange and batman is here to stay.

Thank you Ms. Deschenes for this amazing quilt- we absolutely LOVE it. And one day when my nephew is old enough to sleep over he totally will too. (PS- I totally vacuumed that blanket after seeing how it looked in this picture)

So what do you think- leave the walls bare? Art it up a bit?


Here’s the super simple source list for the room, which shows about $0 of spending:

  • Yellow blanket: TJ Maxx about 10 years ago, maybe longer
  • Pastel quilt: hand made by my Nonna
  • Orange and turquoise picture frames: Marshall’s about 2 years ago
  • Silver picture frames: gifts from high school graduation!
  • Batman quilt: a gift from my friend’s mom
  • White down comforter: TJ Maxx about two years ago
  • End table lamp: Ikea
  • Change plate: Italy! (my brother and sister and law’s honeymoon destination)
  • Gray pillow: TJ Maxx about a year ago (originally meant for the living room)
  • Husband pillow: TJ Maxx about 10 years ago


And while I’m randomly sharing…. my faux bubble necklace HAS ARRIVED:

Matt’s reaction: “Well… that’s a lot of necklace.”


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