Everyday Halloween

I was going to write up a little post about all the fall decorations scattered around the house right now, but so many other blogs are doing that and doing it better than me that I thought I’d personalize it a bit more because fall is just the most wonderful time of the year to us and it deserves some special attention.

Last night I recited this haiku to Matt:

Dear sweet fall

You rock my socks off

Pumpkin pie

We love, love, love Halloween in this house. In fact, pretty much all of our friends are Halloween nuts as well. Matt and I have even talked semi-seriously about spookifying our wedding if we end up in a venue where that might work. So in this house, there a little secret Halloween out and about all year long:

Whooo? Whooooo could it be?

I picked this little guy up at a Tj Maxx a year or two ago from the Halloween display.

But of course there’s more! Here’s our built in living room bookshelf from afar:

And here’s our little hidden gems:

But our living room Halloween adventure doesn’t stop there:

This lantern pops up in arrangements all over the house, but it was labeled “Spooky Lantern” when I first grabbed it.

Downstairs in the movie room is where it’s super easy to leave Halloween out and about all the time because such a large portion of Matt’s collection is horror based:

Two graves, two skulls, and a frankenstein candle! (And my batman figurine…)

Just this week we decided to add one more all the time Halloween accessory to our house:


So maybe we’re totally weird, but at least we’re both on the same page about it! Do you have any repurposed holiday decor around your house, or is it just us?


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7 thoughts on “Everyday Halloween

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  2. ugh I LOVE HALLOWEEN. I think you know that already, though. I don’t have much in the way of decorations though since I’ve moved around a lot in the past few years. I need to go to target this week though so I think this might be the year to start building up my Halloween collection!!

    • Halloween is THE BEST. Target has super cute stuff in both the dollar section and the holiday one. We got the oven mitt in the holiday isle, and then for our front door we got a little directional street sign that has an arrow to the left and the right. One arrow says “Trick or Treat” and the other says “Smell My Feet”. I’m obsessed with it.

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