High 5 For Friday & LAST DAY TO VOTE

Hello! My friends, today is the last day to vote for me in the Vintage Revivals Epic Room Giveaway contest- so #1 on my High 5 for Friday list is yet another solicitation for votes. Just click here, scroll on down to the entries, and vote on #36! Pretty please? With a cherry on top? Hopefully I’ll make it to the top 10!

Numero dos on my list is definitely that we are getting another foster dog from Lucky Lab Rescue tomorrow! His name is Huck and we’re just going to have him for one night while his forever family gets ready for him, but he is a stud and I can’t wait to meet him! 70 pounds of labrador love FTW!

And it should come as no surprise at all that my little burrito nephew makes this list two weeks in a row. I got to see him last Sunday and will be going see him again this Sunday. Me and this little guy go together like peanut butter and jelly! Bacon and eggs! Cats and hairballs! So basically I can’t wait to see him.

Four on this list is SO SUPER AWESOME I can barely contain myself. I won a raffle on All Things Thrifty and a Silhouette Cameo printer is headed my way soon! Holy crap, batman I am going to do some awesome things with this printer. Instead of ink, the printer actually has a blade inside it. It cuts things like vinyl, fabric, and card stock so you can craft your little heart out all over the place. I have plans to monogram my dresser, to add film strip to my stairs, to stencil a wall. So. Many. Plans. Hopefully it arrives soon!

And last but not least, I’m super excited to be road tripping with two lovely colleagues today to an off campus meeting. This means not only a Friday out of the office, but a Friday spent with excellent company. I’m actually on the road right now- cross your fingers we don’t hit too much traffic!

Happy Friday! What rocked for you this week?


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