It’s Curtains for You

In my One Year Later post, I left you with a bedroom that looked like this:

It was ok, just sort of average and doing it’s thing without commanding any extra attention.

A few days ago I hand stamped our tv stand and I was particularly careful to crop the pictures because I also (as you may have guessed) got new curtains! I had about a million sets of Big Lots curtains, acquired over years of apartment living, and now we are officially a fancy curtain only household. And by fancy I mean either my  Nonna sewed them or I spent more then $10 per panel on them.

I’ve been wanting new bedroom curtains for oh, about a year now but it’s really hard for me to spend money on something like that. Curtains are  expensive. My new curtains were $25 a panel, and we needed four. But it was oh so worth it for this basket woven goodness:

Texture! Sheen! Burlapy!

I am in love with how they look in the room, and when it comes down to it, it was worth spending the money to really love how it looks in a room I spend a lot of my time in. Also, I plan to have these curtains for years so $100 on something I’m going to enjoy everyday for many days seems pretty worth it.

Originally I super wanted gold curtains, I actually had my hand on gold zebra striped curtains and really had to talk myself out of them. At the end of the day I want the bedroom to be unique, but also serene. And gold zebra stripes don’t really say “serene.”

I went with a texture instead of a pattern because we’ve already got patterns with the chair and the comforter set and one more would have just been too much (even for me).

Also, I have a really hard time photographing my bedroom because the light is so orange-y in there and I just have a point and shoot camera, but trust that it looks lovely in there. Also, moving the lamp from next to the bed to behind the chair made an unusually large impact on the room. It’s much less cluttered and easier on the eye when you walk in and now it looks more like a little reading nook then a random chair in a corner.

They have grommets! Man I love grommets! The living room curtains and sun room sliding door curtains have grommets as well (metal circular hoops instead of a fabric pocket).

The curtains go all the way down to the floor, which wasn’t really necessary but it’s what I could find so I went with it. Also, I would normally recommend hanging curtains about 5 or 6 inches above the window to elongate the room, but our ceilings are really low and we’re not able to do that.

What a difference new curtains makes! I don’t hate this room nearly as much as I used to anymore, and Matt was on board with the change as well so that was encouraging. It’s just so much cozier and warmer in the room with heavy fabric, and the burlap look really ties in well with the navy dresser.

Happy Friday!! 🙂


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