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Now that we’ve been in our house for a full year it’s time things were placed on purpose. Not just thrown in a closet with the door close. Not just hoarded because I can’t bare to let it go. Not just put somewhere because we moved and it was crazy and I didn’t have time.

So for today, let’s start with a to-do list for spots that really need organization. Mine include:

  • Hallway built in
  • Top shelf of master closet
  • Guest room closet
  • Basement shelves
  • Basement wall
  • Linen closet
  • Kitchen cabinets
  • Entryway closet
  • Shoe storage

Notice a trend? Like perhaps I shove stuff anywhere it can be shoved? Perhaps Matt’s been hit on the head by falling objects when he opened a door? I’m going to try to get on that…

Just because you placed things in a certain spot when you moved into your house, it doesn’t mean they have to stay there forever! Try to take one nook per day, or per week, and see if things are really in the best possible spot.

  • Are your towels on the bottom shelf of your linen closet? Maybe move them up to eye level so they’re easier to reach!
  • Are your glasses and plate in the same cabinet or spread out? Perhaps you need to rearrange your kitchen so everything you set the table with is in one spot, everything you cook with is in another, and the food is organized by meal type.
  • Do you actually use the shoe bin by your front door, or do you throw shoes there and then leave them forever? Get rid of it if it ends up being a spot for clutter- force yourself to put things away immediately!

…. what spots in your house aren’t on purpose?

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