Day 2 of organization: The Massive Task of Planning a Wedding

Ughhhh the wedding planning. I hates it. I’m getting more on board with it, but I really just don’t find it interesting.

Immediately after we got engaged we created an initial guest list, and in my opinion it was outrageously long (somewhere around 165 people). Since then I’ve cut it down to a slightly more reasonable 129, and hopefully I can still find a few cuts in there over the next year. My list is super organized into the following columns:

  • Matt’s family member, then their relation to him
  • My family member, then our relation to them
  • Our friends, notes on them

It’s arranged so that any point in time one of our family members (ahem, mothers) could look at it an understand why any other person on it was included.But that’s not all!

  • Anyone removed from the spreadsheet was placed on a separate tab in case we want to reconsider them in the future
  • Anyone that I’m inviting but I doubt will attend is highlighted in gray (7 people)
  • Anyone that might be invited to a shower if I decide to have one is highlighted in yellow (38 people)

Starting today and throughout the rest of the week, my goal is to create another spreadsheet in regards to budget to have reviewed by some friends and families. It’ll be just a blank template that I can fill in along the way (see mom, I do listen to your suggestions!!). There’s probably a bunch of costs I don’t even know about (marriage licenses? other legal things?) so before we can really say we have a finalized guest list and venue, we need to know what we can afford in the first place.

I also started a Pinterest board  to gather some more fun ideas and thoughts. Here’s a few (click the image to go to its’ origin page):

I’m allergic to real flowers, but Matt is going to be an English teacher and I love crafts so book page paper ones may be a lovely idea.

I actually ordered this already (but one for $5, not $25) because I plan to make and print invitations and this saves a label and then can continue its’ use once we’re married.

I don’t understand having a guest book since we’ll have cards from people to tell us who was there, the idea of having fun art for our house seems much more “us.”

So really, if you have tips on wedding planning, help a sister out 🙂


Edited to add:

Since writing this, we made sooo many more cuts and changes. In fact, we ended up having a teeny wedding with under 30 people. SO much more my speed. HERE‘s 5 things we didn’t do (and the world did not crumble beneath us!) and HERE‘S things that we decided to keep on the list (and they were all lovely).


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12 thoughts on “Day 2 of organization: The Massive Task of Planning a Wedding

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  3. My wedding is in February and once the wedding is done with i’ll share all of our wedding crafts and projects. However for wedding planning organizing we are using:
    Seriously it has been amazing, it keeps me organized without me having to do anything! Guest List, Addresses (all export into excel), when invites or save the date’s are sent, rsvp’s. Budget, what’s left, what you’ve spent.. it even estimates what you should spend based on your overall goal budget. (We aren’t doing the standard wedding so it changed alot, but it was a great starting point for the lost like myself)

    It even walks us through month by month to-do lists up until our wedding. It really has helped us organized and up to date on all the tasks that were needed just to make it to our wedding. Every month my fiance and I just make sure we cross off the listed items, and we’re good to go. (there’s even a mobile app)
    ps. i’m diy the crap out of our wedding too! Good Luck!

  4. I was at a wedding where the did the thumbprint thing, it was super adorable!!! Very cool because then you do have artwork. They used several different shades of ink but just a warning some of the lighter shades were nearly invisible on the white paper. You may want to test them beforehand on a separate sheet just to make sure you don’t make some of your guests disappear 🙂

  5. I found an awesome app called WeddingSnap. You provide your guests the title of your wedding (that you’ll name on the app) and they log into it, and post pictures directly from their iPhone!

    also, loving the paper flowers. I’m allergic too so any alternative idea is great. I personally like brooch bouquets 🙂

  6. I LOVE the paper bouquets! I think the money to spend is on pictures- having some sort of photobooth (super easy to DIY), getting lots of cool and unique shots, and having special mementos framed. I know your day is going to be bursting with cute, creative touches.

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