Day 4 of organization: Kitchen Command Center

The kitchen counter has sort of become our gathering spot, we’re just crossing paths these days (both working 2 jobs) without time for real sit down meals together so not only do we eat at the counter but I tend to use my computer here as well. Somehow pretty much every electrical cord we own was ending up on the counter throughout the day and it was just horrible looking, so yesterday I took 5 minutes to switch things up a little and sneak in some storage:

Originally, in the cutest canister set known to man, I had things like sugar and flour. I moved those into the lazy susan and instead now use the canisters to store my cords!

5 minutes to organize, a lifetime to cord free kitchen counters!

Who says canisters have to be for food? This is far more effective for us.


Edited to add: I eventually got a whole closet cleared out, and ended up building a closet office space! Check it out HERE– I’m still using the canisters!


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  4. All of my electronic thingies used to live in a trifle bowl in the dining room. This summer they got an upgrade to a drawer in the kitchen! But those cell phone chargers – they always live on the counter!

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