Organizing Day 5: We’d like some gas, please

Last year we spent a RIDICULOUS amount of money on oil. Like, ridiculous. This year we are switching to gas! There’s a lot that goes into it, so I thought I’d document where we’re at so far and where we have to go to help anyone else who wants to look into this and to make sure I remember all the important things in the contract I’m signing.

  1. Call your utilities company to see if they have a reimbursement program for oil to gas conversion. Ours did, yay!
  2. The utilities company will send someone to your house to see if your burner will work with a conversion- generally it just needs to be less than 10 years old. Ours is, yay!
  3. The utilities company will then send a plumber to do some things I don’t understand. Whatever he did, it took about 5 minutes and we were cleared.
  4. Then you have to get estimates to have your chimney swept and lined. This is the only part we are paying for, and it could cost between $300-$700 dollars. I’ve left message with 2 places and neither called back so I need to call more today.
  5. (This is where we’re at now) The utilities company will send 2 contracts. The first one is for installation of gas service, ours notes that this will cost about $7000 but the cost to us is $0. Read the contract no matter how long it is! The second contract says we will pay $10 a month to rent the burner conversion from them and we will use a certain amount of gas per year (a reasonable, doable amount). It also states that they will pay for the installation of the burner conversion up to $2000. This is important, because if you don’t live a certain amount of feet from a gas line you will have to pay about $15 per foot to get it to your house.
  6. One day the chimney sweep people will call us back and we can have them give us an estimate.
  7. The chimney must be swept within 24 hours of the conversion.
  8. The conversion will happen.
  9. You’ll never have to pay for oil again! Hooray!!

So there you go, not 100% on the topic of organization but still very important with nice, ordered steps.