Day 6 of organization: Painting

With our crazy work schedules it’s important to keep as organized as possible when it comes to projects around the house, which means most projects are done in stages over a few days if I’m trying to get them done during the week.

This week, I very much wanted to get rid of our living room accent wall. I’ve been toying around with the idea of painting over it for months now and I’ve finally got a new idea for that room brewing so I needed to take the plunge.

Here’s how it went down:

  • Thursday night: Pre-prep work (making sure I had everything on hand, gathering all my supplies into a pile).
  • Friday night: Prep work (clearing all the furniture out of the walls, putting up painters tape, priming the wall with one coat).
  • Saturday morning: 2 coats of Wheat Bread Behr paint, same as the rest of the room and a massive cleaning of the whole room when I was done (even the top of the fan!)

Ideally it would be best to do this project in just one day, but that doesn’t work for us so organizing it to make it as quick and painless as possible, without eating up an entire weekend day, is super important.

And what’s a post about paint colors without any before and after pictures?!

The whole point of the yellow wall was to blend the room a bit more with the kitchen, since the wall you don’t see is open on both ends to the kitchen. However, the corners in this house are crisp and clean so the edges of the accent wall always annoyed me. Also, no one seemed to notice that this yellow and the kitchen yellow were the same– defeating the whole purpose of the wall.


Friday night at about 7:30 I finally finished everything else I needed to do around the house and for my jobs and primed the wall so it would be good to go for color on Sunday morning. It only took about 45 minutes.


So much better! I also extended the curtain rod with a little trickery. When we got the rod it was before I realized that decorative curtains should hang about 5-6 inches off the window on either side, so I got it the exact length of the window. When I rehung it after painting I added in an extra black rod that I had in the basement to get it to the length I needed it (without spending money on a new rod!). It’s just slid right in one end and then electric taped (which is black) to the other).


Between the extended curtains and the wholeness the grey wall brings, I’m feeling much happier these days.


Do you have to spread your projects out over a few days or are you able to get them all done at once? Does the updated wall color make a difference to anyone but me?





2 thoughts on “Day 6 of organization: Painting

  1. I think it’s beautiful. Now you can accentorize (is that a word? I say yes!) with any color you want and change out the colors whenever!

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