Day 7 of organizing: Christmas Shopping

Dun dun dunnnn. Christmas shopping. Seriously, I hate it. I generally refuse to go into a mall after October because I worked in one for years and was permanently scarred by people’s Christmas shopping behavior.  “Most wonderful time of the year” my ass, people are real jerks when they’re Christmas shopping. Especially to cashiers. So basically I spread it out throughout the year, which is better for my brain and also my wallet.

It works like so:

  • April/May: purchased my brother’s mother-in-law a gift (we spend every holiday with her and her family)
  • August: purchased my dad’s gift and decided on my mom’s gift
  • September: purchased half of my sweet nephew Jack’s gift
  • October: I will purchased mom and grandparent gifts (which I can do in one quick swoop, hopefully not on a weekend)
  • November: I will purchase my brother and sister-in-law’s gift
  • December: I’ll wrap up little Jack Burrito’s present and anything else I forgot

And, because Matt and I have been together for so long, we will assess our finances and decide if we’re going to buy each other gifts. We do this for birthdays too- this year Matt took me out for ice cream for my birthday since just a few weeks earlier he sort of dropped a huge amount of money on something more important then a birthday gift. This week I’ll do something sweet for him in return, he turns 29 on Friday.

So that’s how I organize Christmas, I spread it outtttttt even before the stores start decorating (ugh,in  July).


5 thoughts on “Day 7 of organizing: Christmas Shopping

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  3. seriously. malls around Christmas are HELL. I feel you on knowing what it’s like to be treated poorly. I worked at B&N last Christmas and people were just horrendous. and you’re smart to spread it out so much! I should have started sooner too… but too late now!

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