Day 9 of organizing: Upcoming Projects!

Tomorrow is Matt’s birthday, which means this weekend we’re having people over this weekend (including my sweet little nephew Jack-o-lantern!). And nothing kicks me into house project overdrive like having people over.

Let’s organize what I’ve got going on all at the exact same time:

  • I bought a new (cheap, busted) chair for the sun room yesterday so I could move the sun room chair into the office. This caused me to completely rearrange the office and also to have a new chair to redo.
  • In rearranging the office, I made room for two display shelves I bought at a consignment store a year ago, both of which need to be painted and hung.
  • Oh yeah, and I’ve decided to get rid of the shutters in my living room (seen here) and replace them with new art, which is half made in my basement. The shutters are going to one of my future mother-in-laws because she loves them.
  • And while I’ve got 3 other things to spray paint, I might was well also spray paint some frames and outlet covers that have been on my kitchen checklist for a while.

In a dream world, I’ll have this all done by Saturday. Here’s how it’ll go down if things actually go according to plan (ha!)

  • Today: sand down new chair and prep new art so it’s ready for paint
  • Tomorrow: purchase spray paint and polycrylic, prime everything and hopefully paint it to
  • Saturday: finish wall art  and hang it, hang shelves, bake  delicious treats for Sunday
  • Sunday: host our awesome annual pumpkin carving party!

Here’s what is absolutely not happening:

  • Final touches on the chair
  • Reupholstering the chair seat
  • Polycrylic the chair (and while I’m at it, the barstools and footkick could use a coat too)

Here’s a sneak preview:

I have got PLANS for this granny looking chair. Look at those awesome lines!

I’ve got something like this in mind for the chair, but I need to wait until I pick out a fabric before I really decide.

You’re just going to have to trust me on this one.

This was my inspiration a while ago, so don’t worry about the hot mess you see above. It’ll all come together.

Oh yeah, and last night we got started on a little something else too:

Oh la la

How many projects do you have going at once? Please note, my list only includes things I’m actually tackling this weekend. I’ve got plenty of other half done projects laying around too.


UPDATE: Thursday goals have been accomplished!


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