Day 10 of organizing: Brief Progress Report

Well, the weather lied to me and it is definitely not a good day for spray paint. Boo.

After work I went to Jo Ann fabric to get fabric for the new sunroom chair, and then I came home and put the first coat of primer on the art, wall outlets, and some frames. Since I can’t spray paint them I’m just going to do it by hand.

Hopefully tonight I’ll get a second coat of primer on them and also reupholster that seat! Maybe tomorrow will be sunny enough that I can at least spray the chair and wall shelves.


UPDATE: My staple gun isn’t working and I’m starting to believe a stronger force then myself is seriously not wanting me to finish these darn projects.


5 thoughts on “Day 10 of organizing: Brief Progress Report

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  3. Time to buy a new staple gun? Perhaps you can get one with an air compressor and a while bunch of new toys!

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