Day 11: The Butterfly Effect of Organization (& a chair redo!)

Here’s how things went down last week:

  • I moved the slipper chair from the sunroom into the office
  • I thrifted a new chair for the sunroom
  • I cleaned my guest room closet enough to put the laundry basket in there, which meant I count put the cat scratcher from the front entrance where the laundry basket used to be
  • I decided the newly thrifted chair would work better in the newly opened up front entrance
  • I found two free chairs on the side of the road that’ll look much better in the sunroom

Whew! Let’s get to the before and afters:

I bought this chair at the Habitat for Humanity Restore and it clearly needed a new seat cover, but was otherwise awesome. I Gorilla Glued the brace in the front because it was a little loose, wood puttied some knicks, sanded it down, then spray painted it to awesomeness.

Once it was sanded I lightly wiped it off with a damp cloth, spray two coats of Kilz spray primer, then lightly sanded and wiped again, then sprayed two coats of Rustoleum white spray paint (satin finish) and one heavy coat of Mod Podge acrylic sealer. Originally I was going to polycrylic the whole thing to protect it, but it’s not going to be in a high traffic area so the sealer should be fine.

In between coats, I redid the seat cover by cutting off the fabric  and first layer of cushion. I replaced the layer of cushion with quilt batting I had left over from my kitchen wall art, then reupholstered with my trusty staple gun. The fabric I got was super discounted- it’s outdoor fabric so it was 40% off because it is out of season, and there were only two yards left and since I bought both I got 50% off the second yard because it was the end of the roll. Both yards added up to just $9, and originally it would have been about $25.



Because this fabric has a distinct and straight pattern, before I went nuts with the staples I put one staple on each of the four sides and flipped it over to make sure it was lined up. To get the corners, I just folded it like a Christmas gift and kept it tight-tight-tight while I was stapling.

Let’s see a side by side:

I still maybe add a little something-something to the back, but for now I’m going to leave it sweet and simple.

And now for an even bigger before and after, here’s what the front entrance looked like when I toured the house for the first time and before I rearranged the entire house this weekend:

A big change… but not big enough since there was still a litter box at my front door.

Gadzooks, that looks nice! 🙂

So basically, we’ve got a lot of chairs at my house now. 🙂

But overall, I’m super pleased with how this chair looks and I am in love with the pattern on the cushion. The medallions are perfect- they’ve got the black/gray/white of the living room and the bronze to tie in with the sunroom. so it goes great on the first floor.

The two chairs I now have in the sunroom are in dire need of a makeover, so they’ll be popping up on here in a few weeks!


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21 thoughts on “Day 11: The Butterfly Effect of Organization (& a chair redo!)

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  3. OMG!!!! I love this! That chair is gorgeous! That fabric you picked is beautiful! You are getting me excited about painting my furniture! I have all the furniture from my parents’ that I grew up with. And, some of it has the dings and dents, scratches and shit from moving over the years…I believe one of the pieces is going to be my first victim this weekend! I am all tingley thinking about it! Thank you for the inspirations!!!

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  10. Can you share where you found the fabric? I need to reupholster 2 chairs and that would be perfect for the colors/feel that I’m going for.

  11. Love the arm chairs! Wow. Talented gal you are Stephanie.

    My basement is full of old, broken (family) wooden chairs. Also a gorgeous love-seat that needs new cane + everything else. The (real cherrywood!) overall frame is in great shape. Very sturdy and zero nicks. I bought this piece of furniture at Wiebolt’s in Chicago during the 70’s when I was a little bitty teen-ager! Amazing huh?!? For sure I should learn how to do like you do!

    Now I will subscribe to your blog. Maybe I will learn something. Ha.

    • OOh new cane- I bet that’s tricky, I haven’t tried that yet. Most of my furniture is family hand-me-downs that I’ve repainted, it’s the best way to shop! 🙂

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  14. I suggest you don’t do anything to the back of the chair…it’s perfect!!!! Love it. The entrance looks very nice and welcoming. Good job.

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