Day 13 of organizing: Making a Gallery Wall

I love love love my gallery wall, I saw them in blogs all over the place before I bought a house and knew immediately that I wanted one.

Gallery walls come in a ton of different shapes and sizes, and it’s good to look at a bunch before you go ahead and organize your own because, well, you don’t know what you don’t know: Young House Love has an entire gallery hallway, Hi Sugarplum! had her whole living room wall at one point and has since toned it down, Dans Le Townhouse just posted recently about the one in her basement.

For mine, I knew I wanted all black and white frames and all black and white pictures- no exceptions. Normally in my house I go by a personal rule that art belongs on walls and pictures belong on shelves, but I threw that out for this.


The shape of it actually happened by accident, originally I wanted the whole wall blocked with frames from ceiling to floor but as I was piecing it together a frame fell off the wall and this swoop shape sort of took form and I loved it, so I went with it.

I wanted there to be meaning/DIY/symbolism in the wall, just not a random assortment of things, and I think that’s how all gallery walls tend to go. Here’s a little break down of what it means to me:

  1. Architectural Art by my friend Dawne, spelling out Home, that symbolizes this as our first home
  2. For now, just a piece of scrap book paper
  3. A picture from my college campus, where Matt & I met, taken by one of our best friends (in a frame I repainted)
  4. For now, just a piece of scrap book paper
  5. The first letter of one of our last names
  6. The first letter of one of our last names
  7. Us!
  8. A mirror I got at a consignment shop and freshened up
  9. A lovely graphic design (Lighten Up) (in a frame I repainted)
  10. An inside joke between Matt & I (Haters Gonna Hate, Potatoes Gonna Potate)
  11. Matt and Dutch on the first morning we had the little butt-meister (in a frame I repainted)
  12. The first letter of one of our last names

13. Hard to see, but it’s a vintage postcard from the town where Matt & I fell in love (awwww) (in a frame I repainted)

14. Matt and I again! (in a frame I repainted)

15. Some lovely graphic design (Umbrellas floating through the air in Pairs)

16. Another consignment store mirror that got some freshening up

17. The first letter of one of our last names

So there you go- squares, circles, swirls, and a swoop shape. There’s still a few things to switch out, but I don’t think I’m going to add any more frames.

Do you have a gallery wall in your house? I’d love to see!!


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6 thoughts on “Day 13 of organizing: Making a Gallery Wall

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  2. that gallery hallway is awesome! it reminds me of this great antique store I stumbled upon once and I loved it!

    no gallery walls in my house yet but one day!

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  4. I do have one but I never knew what it was called! Mine is on a red wall with all black accessories but color prints. Fun. Yours turned out super cute!

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