Day 14 of organizing: The Guest Room Closet is complete!

Finally, I have the guest room closet actually organized. Let me be clear, this doesn’t mean it actually looks nice in there. HGTV would not be pleased with my version of complete. But it does mean:

  • Everything that doesn’t belong in there has been removed (mostly paint supplies)
  • I can actually tell you what is in there
  • I can access everything in there easily and readily
  • I have thrown out all I’m allowed to throw out (which somehow did not include Matt’s collection of GI Joe VHS tapes).

The main things in there now are:

  • Photo albums
  • Air mattress, air mattress pump, extra husband pillow, and a body pillow
  • Frames
  • Curtains
  • VHS tapes and burned DVD’s, VCR (Matt swears it still works)
  • Hamper
  • Basil that is hanging out until it dries out

Hooray! Not the most revolutionary of blog posts, but one that actually very directly relates to our topic of the month.


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