Day 15 of organizing: High 5 for Friday

Most weeks I link up with From My Grey Desk for a high 5 for Friday post, it forces you to think of 5 good things per week and I find that awesome and necessary. So I guess I’m organizing my “highs.”

1. Our 3rd annual pumpkin carving party was this Sunday and it was fantastic! Each year on Matt’s birthday weekend we have friends over to pick out and carve a pumpkin, we have delicious treats, and we move one of our tv’s into the sunroom to play movies in the background (Hocus Pocus is my favorite!)

Matt’s Jack O Lantern & my brother’s Batman!!

2. Jack Burrito came up for the party! It was the first time he’d been to my house (you know, in the whole 6 weeks he’s been on this planet) and we had a lovely time together.

3. I was introduced to a video of Vin Diesel break dancing from the days of yester year (he’s on the right) and it totally made my Thursday morning better:

4. Urban Outfitters is running a line of limited edition Lisa Frank supplies. I NEED THAT DOG. Also, it means that this video exists (watch it for the dancing bear, if nothing else).

and that’s not even all of it.

5. Is it ok for free chairs from the side of the road to make my list? Because they totally have.


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5 thoughts on “Day 15 of organizing: High 5 for Friday

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  2. We have very similar chairs at our kitchen table, which originally belonged to my in-laws. They bought it when they got married in 1982 and it’s still in awesome shape but not exactly stylish. I’m going back and forth with a makeover for them or a total overhaul and buying a new set. I can’t wait to see what you do with the chairs!

  3. that video is horrible. and awesome. and ridiculous. and I saw the Mila Kunis one yesterday! so good!

    also, those are the same chairs my grandparents had in their kitchen for years 🙂

    • haha my family had those chairs too, which is totally why I HAD to have them. Hopefully I’ll have time this weekend to give them the makeover they need to belong in this century!

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