Day 16 of organizing: Pinterest!

Oh Pinterest, I love you. However, it can be such an  OVERWHELMING site. You can pin and pin and pin and pin and never do anything about it.

To counteract that, I’ve done a few things:

  • Project Central: a board for all the projects I’ve made. I delete the pin where ever else I had it saved, and pin my own project here.
  • Recipes I’ve Done: Sometimes I actually cook or bake something I’ve pinned, so I hold myself accountable to actually take some action. I then delete the pin whereever else I had it saved and pin my own version on this board.
  • Don’t have too many boards: I have thirty four, which seems like a lot but it’s divided up between holidays, recipes, and life (plus a bunch of group boards with other bloggers). It works for me.
  • Don’t pin anything that doesn’t have an original website: what good is it to pin a cute craft that links to a flickr page? you’ll never know how to actually complete the project!

So there you go, that’s how I keep my Pinterest board organized.


9 thoughts on “Day 16 of organizing: Pinterest!

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  2. We have 2 very small cabinets under the sink, one in each bathroom. I would love any suggestions for organizing a small cupboard like that. I would also love suggestions about items that I should have there. Hope you find more orgmogo for the next two weeks. Also if you need some more ideas let me know LOL.

      • hooray! I’m excited to see it 🙂

        our kitchen is a little out of the ordinary. there aren’t any upper cabinets, so we had to go to IKEA and get shelves to install, and they actually look pretty good! we got silver shelves for glasses and then bars for underneath with hanging S hooks that hold all of our mugs and some steins 🙂

        and this might have inspired me to do a post about them…!

    • wait…. you mean I shouldn’t just lose the receipt in the bag my stuff came in? then get store credit when I inevitably have something to return? haha

      but seriously, great suggestion. maybe I’ll write a “do as I say, not as I do” post.

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