Day 17 of organizing: Kitchen Cabinets

I got two requests for this one yesterday, so here you go! And in the interest of keepin’ it real, I totally did not clean my kitchen before taking pictures. I make no apologies for that.

I absolutely love my kitchen, it’s wonderfully spacious and I have just enough room for all my things. I have a lot of kitchen things- my own, hand me downs from mom, hand me downs from nonna, and hand me downs from an aunt. Here’s some views of the “cooking” area of the kitchen (we don’t have a dining room, just a 4 person table and 2 barstools in the kitchen):

I have a crazy amount of glassware: glasses for water, martini glasses, white wine glasses, red wine glasses, margarita glasses, and martini glasses. All I bought myself were two hand painted wine glasses from Pier One, everything else was hand me down. I also have an insane amount of dishes: fancy dishes, clear glass dishes, an Ikea dish set, and plastic dishes. I bought the Ikea set and the plastic ones. Pint glasses, shot glasses, and the George Foreman were also all either hand me downs or Matt’s collection.

Here’s a few looks with the cabinets open:

So. Much. Glassware.

We have 6-7 favorite mugs we use everyday (there’s only two of us but seriously, do you think I do dishes every day?) and plastic drinking glasses that we use everyday- those are stored in here. Nicer stuff is spread out in the other cabinets.

Matt collects the Newbury Comics pint glasses, which is why we have so many. Please pardon those middle cabinets- it’s super difficult to neatly store a George Foreman and the 4 different plates that come with it. And watch out for the zombie next to the stove. He wants your brainsssss (and your splattered cooking oil)

But wait, there’s more!

I have no idea what’s shoved in the “misc. crap” cabinet, and frankly I’m afraid to open it. The miscellaneous that goes with the cutlery is twist ties, elastics, bottle openers, etc. Also, above the fridge is stored just about every jelly jar and pasta jar I’ve ever had. In my life. On top of the microwave is where I store most of my mini projects- things that need to be re-glued, hardware for projects on deck, small things that need a paint facelift.

Are there different words for flat baking pans and brownie making baking pans? I don’t know- but the flat ones are in the cabinet all the way to the right and the deep ones are in the stove drawer.

My pots and pan cabinet is a MESS. So is my plastic bag hoard.

In the spirit of keepin’ it real, here’s my cleaning supplies cabinets:


And last but not least, my happy little wheel cart on the other side of the fridge:

Let me break it down for you a bit more though….


  • Canister set command center
  • Tension rod to double cleaning supplies space (Broke Ass Home did this too, we both did it with a little nudge from Pinterest)
  • I use a partitioned jewelry tray from Homegoods in my  cutlery draw to organize elastics, twist ties, bottle openers, wine corks, etc. (like this one only Homegoods sells them covered in pretty fabric)
  • I keep all the things I use every day in the same cabinets (Batman mug, Ikea plates, plastic cups) and spread everything else around
  • Use a pretty vase (also from Homegoods) to keep my spatulas and other everyday cooking utensils organized next to the stove, as opposed to having them take up draw space.


  • Attach a towel rack to the inside of my pots and pans door so I can keep my lids organized (like this)
  • Purge things I don’t need… do I really need the glass glases I’ve never used? Can I get away with just my plastic ones?
  • Find a better way to store my plastic bags (like this)

If you’re not so fortunate as to have a heck of a lot of cabinets I recommend:

  • Only keeping dishes and glasses you use everyday in the kitchen. Store the fancy stuff in a box somewhere else, because seriously- how often do you use it? Sometimes I wonder why I have a whole china set, and I joke that it’s just in case the Queen of England ever comes over for tea.
  • Store your cleaning supplies in the room you use it most (bath stuff in the bathroom, dustpan in a hall closet, windex in an office or spare bedroom).
  • Make good use of your shelves- most cabinets have shelves with adjustable heights. It took me about 6 months to realize this, and once I did I was able to seriously move things around and make more space.
  • After you’ve lived in your home for a few months, reorganize your cabinets. This will force you to put things purposely in cabinet instead of where you just shoved them when you were unpacking boxes, it’ll also force you to look at everything and evaluate whether or not you really need it.
  • Make use of vertical wall space! Use something cute, like shutters or a magnet board to organize mail/notes/grocery lists (You can get shutters at a Restore Habitat for Humanity store, or even Craigslist sometimes, then spray paint them and voila! And instead of buying an expensive magnet board you can cover an old flat baking tray with fabric and use magnets to stick notes and lists on it!)

Hope this helps!


5 thoughts on “Day 17 of organizing: Kitchen Cabinets

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  3. I’m so glad you did my suggestion! I was looking at twitter this morning and saw that you posted it and couldn’t wait to read it. is that lame? if being lame is wrong, I don’t want to be right!

    suffice it to say, I am SO jealous of all of your cabinet space. we had to choose what went where and be mindful about it when we moved in, since there weren’t many options. we’ve ended up with a lot of things on the counters (like knife blocks and cannisters and ceramic containers full of wooden spoons) that can’t go elsewhere. I dream of a bigger kitchen!

    and the flat baking pans – cookie sheets! that’s what I’ve always called them 🙂

    • jeez louise, cookie sheets is totally what I call them. my brain just had a temporary glitch :).
      Yeah, we’re VERY fortunate with our kitchen- it’s actually the first thing I look at everywhere we’ve lived, it it isn’t big I’m not interested. haha.

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