Day 18 of organizing: Other People’s Organization

It’s safe to say I’m not expert at organization… just ask my mom. She still imagines my house looking the way my bedroom looked when I was 12 (it’s true mom, you do). So I thought I’d take a day out of this challenge to 1) introduce you to other lovely blogs/websites and 2) show other organizational tricks.

  • Hi Sugarplum! created an awesome drop spot where there used to be such wasted space:


  • I Heart Organizing recently shared some tips on organizing laundry when you’ve got kids:

  • This site is totally not in English, but gives an excellent picture tutorial for hanging up your flip flops, which I think is genius.

  • Eclectically Vintage used an old crib spring to create a memo board (use vertical space!)


So which one is your favorite? Do you have any awesomely organized spots in your house? Share them in the comments!!






12 thoughts on “Day 18 of organizing: Other People’s Organization

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  3. one thing I’m good at keeping organized is MEAL PLANNING! it doesn’t have to be actual stuff for it to be organized!

    … I just wrote this comment that was long enough to be a post so I decided… I’ll just write a post! and I’ll link this post to it 🙂

  4. Your mom does not picture your old bedroom like it did when you were 12 You did it over yourself when you graduated college. Love you,Nonna

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