Day 20 of organizing: Another high 5 for Friday!

Photobucket Oh thank goodness it’s finally Friday. Man, this has been a long week- on Monday I was already feeling the itch for the weekend. Not to mention that it is just so dark in the morning, it’s really hard to roll out of bed and get going when there’s still another hour until daylight.

Nevertheless, I’m determined to have 5 solid highlights for the week and they are:

1. My super awesome lovebug of a foster dog, Choco, has been adopted! Next weekend he will be going off to his new home, which just so happens to be my best friend’s home. I’m so glad she and her family are taking him in, both because I know he’ll have an awesome life and because now I’ll get to see him and hear about him all the time.

2. It’s been a fun week of blog hopping around here: Yesterday my favorite attempt at wall art was featured on Interiors by  Kenz, a blog you should absolutely browse around not just because she’s got such a hilarious voice but also because her projects are pretty bad-ass. And don’t forget to check out my handy dandy features section to see where else I’ve popped up around the internets. Also yesterday I also hosted my very first guest blogger, Paige! I hope to have lots more guest posts in the future, so be sure to email me if you’re interested in sharing a project or story (

3. I hit this super tiny milestone, which I’m pretty please about. Don’t scoff at me please, it’s the little things that matter sometimes. 🙂

4. On my very first month of organization post I outlined lots of projects I wanted to get done, and I have really been powering through them. I didn’t blog about every single one, because frankly that’d be a little on the dull side, but I didn’t forget about them either. Here’s the list of things I wanted organized this month and where I’m at with each:

  • Hallway built in (done!)
  • Top shelf of master closet (done!)
  • Guest room closet (done!)
  • Basement shelves
  • Basement wall
  • Linen closet
  • Kitchen cabinets (done!)
  • Entryway closet (done!)
  • Shoe storage

5. Things are moving and shaking with our conversion from oil to gas heat. This week our utilities company came and installed all the pipes we need to connect our house to the gas pipe on the street and they didn’t even have to ruin our retaining wall to do so (no cost to us!). We got our chimney inspected and next weekend the necessary work will be done on it (for $1200…ouch). From what I understand after the chimney stuff is done we need to have it inspected, then get the burner conversion done, then have that inspected, then we’re good to go (all of this is free as well). I’ll write another full post on it when it’s done to outline how it all went.

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