One Month of Organizing: ALL WRAPPED UP

Welcome to the landing page for 31 DAYS OF ORGANIZING– a post series about organizing your life and home!

This whole thing came from Nesting Place where she challenged herself and other bloggers to choose one topic and stick to it everyday for a month. I followed along pretty closely, then popped in a few other posts that fit this category to give you 21 POSTS ALL ABOUT ORGANIZING!

organize organization help for home wedding life meal planning

Here’s the list:

1: Intro to 31 days of ORGANIZATION

2: The Massive Task of Planning a Wedding (edited to add: here’s 5 things we didn’t do for our wedding and it was still awesome, and here’s 5 things we kept around and loved)

3: The Built In

4: Kitchen Command Center

5: We’d like some gas, please

6: Painting

7: Christmas Shopping

8: The Guest Room Closet

9: Upcoming Projects!

10: Kitchen Cabinets

11: The Butterfly Effect of Organization (& a chair redo!)

12: DIY Sunburst Mirror

13: Making a Gallery Wall

14: The Guest Room Closet is Complete

15: Adding Pockets to a Canvas Tote

16: Pinterest!

17: Kitchen Cabinets

18: Drop Spots, Laundry Sorting, Shoe Organization and more- a round up post!

19: Meal Planning with Paige!

20: Built in Shoe Organization

21: Bathroom Vanity Organization

Happy Organizing!




6 thoughts on “One Month of Organizing: ALL WRAPPED UP

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  4. That’s awesome that you participated in the 30 days. I thought about it, and then thought “nah!” I’m excited to see your give away 🙂

    • haha I normally post 2-3 times a week so I wasn’t feeling too confident I’d stick with this one, I think keeping it a little on the vague side and not posting on weekends definitely helped!

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