Forget about organizing, IT’S HALLOWEEN!


I thought I’d share three years worth of costumes with you, of varying embarrassment levels. Some were almost completely DIY and some were not at all but for each one the rules were the same: I refuse to wear pants and I refuse to spend an insane amount of money.

Let’s do this thing chronologically, which means we’ll start with my absolute favorite Halloween of all time: Halloween 2006. Where a million of my friends and I all dressed up as DC Comic book characters.


I bought a child’s extra large costume because it was $30 less then the adult one, used contact paper on the bat signal because the belt was originally all cheap plastic, and wore boy short bathing suit bottoms to cover my butt because it’s a bit larger then child’s extra large.

My friends and I celebrated what I like to call “Halloween Chanukah” that year….we dressed up for a week straight and took these costumes all over town. From college house parties, to Salem, MA, to Denny’s at 3am. LOUD AND PROUD.

Poison Ivy completely DIY’d her costume- she painted her boots green and sewed about a million leaves onto a corset. Catwoman is pretty crafty as well, I’m sure she stitched up at least part of that suit. And I know she was probably starving herself to rock it in a onesie. And as for the Joker and Riddler, you certainly won’t find those costumes in stores.

Next up is Halloween 2008, for which I only have mortifying pictures. Basically, I was an astronaut- which is pretty hard to pull off when you’ve got a no pants rule. So I DIY’d a metallic silver mini skirt… it worked.

This costume came about because at the time my roommate and I each had two cats (yes, there was a 2:1 cat ratio in our home, no big deal) and then somehow we ended up making a cardboard box into a cat space station. Which we called CATSA. So then this dream was born…

Just walking on the moon… with my red clutch purse. NOTHING TO SEE HERE.

Gaping at the vastness that is SPACE.

Fear not, I landed safely back on earth.

Here’s the break down for this one of a kind gem:

  • I purchased a child’s extra large white puffy winter jacket on Ebay, along with some american flag and NASA patches.
  • I turned the winter jacket into a a space suit half shirt (Mean Girls slut rule applied here) and sewed the patches on.
  • I bought some metallic fabric at Jo-Ann’s and turned it into a wrap skirt, and used the extra material as a hair tie. I then bought white tights and those black boots were the same ones I wore for batgirl (and honestly, everyday life).
  • The space pack is a cardboard box with pillow stuffing glued on the outside, wrapped in a pillow case. The straps are cardboard as well. The hoses and straps are attached with electrical tape- I found the hoses under my kitchen sink, I think there must have been a dishwasher in that apartment at some point in time.
  • I wore a seatbelt belt I had in high school (❤ Hot Topic) because… I don’t know, maybe I felt like I should buckle up for the take off
  • The blue tank top was $3 at Rave (does Rave still exist anymore?)

Then a few years later I grew up and got lazy and just bought the cheapest pants-less costume I could find:

Army Pin Up Girl at your service, fellas. I won a mister potato head doll for “sluttiest costume.” I make my parents proud on a regular and daily basis….

My roommates at the time: Matt was a ladybug with leftovers from one of my college costumes and poster board black circles safety pinned to a red shirt, Corey was Tigger (clearly), and Kelly was a housewife in a costume she THOUGHT was called “Joan Cleaver” but turned out to really be called “Joan Cleavage” But that pie is a purse, so it’s TOTALLY worth the mix up.

And so my bloggy friends, what are YOU dressing up as this year?


7 thoughts on “Forget about organizing, IT’S HALLOWEEN!

  1. How cute are you?!? I love people who dress up and have fun with Halloween. My single friends convinced me to go out and we did the Taco Bell sauce packets tube dresses. Since I was the married mom I was Mild, but I like to think that none of us were THAT mild. 🙂

  2. oh man, I remember the astronaut costume. that was the year I was the dead 80’s prom queen! I think I have a picture of us together somewhere on my computer 🙂 also: Ross’ batman costume is so awesome!!!

    today! I thought about being a french girl but when I put the beret on, with my glasses, I looked like a hipster just wearing a beret, so I nixed that. instead! I’m wearing some glitter heels and calling myself “Modern Wicked Witch of the East Before the House Fell on Her” 😀

    • ross’s costume was SO GOOD THAT YEAR!
      Matt got super mad at me when I told him he looked more like a hipster then a Mad Man-eqsue character.
      Also- glitter heels are for EVERY DAY not just halloween!:)

      • I have to be so careful when I wear the glitter heels though! or I’d end up glittering everything… although some things definitely need more glitter 🙂

        Matt looked to clean to be a hipster! haha

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