& now… a giveaway from THE MUDDY PAW!

I am so very excited to host my first little giveaway here on the ol’ blog! If you’ve been following along here for a while, you’ll know I’m super obsessed with my dog sidekick Dutch and also that I try and volunteer a bit by fostering dogs for the rescue I got him from, Lucky Lab.

November marks one whole year with our awesome pooch and to commemorate it I thought I’d share the wealth with you all! A real life blogger friend of mine, Maggie, from She Keeps Calm and Travels On has recently opened up an Etsy shop selling some awesome homemade dog treats and has generously agreed to donate some for you lovely readers!

Here’s what she says about her treats:

These crispy, crunchy, flavorful treats are made with healthy ingredients (and love!). They each measure about 3″ long, 1′ wide and 1/4″ thick. This giveaway prize will include 12 Peanut Butter Bone treats.

These treats are dehydrated so they have the crunch that dogs love, but it also allows them to stay fresh longer. Store in a cool, dry place for immediate use or place them in a ziploc bag in the refrigerator to keep them fresh for up to one month.

My dog Murphy loves getting these treats during trick and command training or even just as a special treat during the day. They have been received with happy, sniffing noses and waving, wagging tails from all pups who have sampled them so far!

Ingredients: Whole wheat flour, rolled oats, chicken stock, peanut butter, egg.

So how do you enter? There’s 3 easy ways- enter with one way or enter with all three:

  • Comment on this post with your dog’s name and a little extra- where’d he/she come from? what’s the craziest thing of yours that has been chewed up? share whatever you’d like!
  • Like Sandpaper & Glue on Facebook and comment AGAIN here saying you’ve done so
  • Like The Muddy Paw on Facebook and comment AGAIN here saying you’ve done so

This giveaway will close Monday November 5th at 8am and all U.S. residents are eligible to enter. A winner will be announced via the blog later that day, so be sure to check and see if you’ve won!!


And one more thing because Maggie is the bomb diggity- if you don’t win, but you order anyway (which you totally should) be very sure mention in the comments section of your purchase that you found her page through Sandpaper & Glue. She will donate 10% of the profit from sales with that mention made anytime from now until Christmas to Lucky Lab! Thanks Maggie, we so very appreciate it 🙂


44 thoughts on “& now… a giveaway from THE MUDDY PAW!

  1. Hey! Commenting from my phone since I’ve been away for work the past few days. Funny story! I don’t have a dog (which you probably know) but I was visiting Todd’s mom this weekend and his sister, her husband and their two dogs were also over. WELL. her newest dog, Gator, a black lab, decided that he wanted to eat his first shoe. So he ate my favorite flats for lunch! He’s so cute though that I still would love to give him and his brother (Bear) a tasty bone to chew on 🙂

    • haha it’s funny the things you can forgive….. when Dutch was teething he ate my glasses and 2 mac power cords! buttttt his ears are so floppy I can barely handle it.

  2. Hiiiiii, I have a three and a half year old beagle/boston terrier mix named Squishy! He has put me through some of the most difficult times in my life but he was worth all of the stress and dollars. He reminds me everyday to stay silly & be a goofball, and to love unconditionally :] I love my smart, stubborn Squish dog! P.s. he told me to tell you that peanut butter is his favorite flavor and he promises if he wins he won’t swallow them all in one bite!

      • The more I think about this the more I could go on and on and on about dog! So in case you’re really curious when Squish was a pup he was dropped off at a reptile place my friend worked all. All of his co-workers were babysitting him for a night or two but no one could keep him. My friend brought him over and I fell in love! He was the smallest little pup with big goofy beagle ears 🙂 FUN FACT: He can’t have his own bed to sleep in because he has eaten every single one he’s ever owned.

  3. Forgot to mention in my previous comment that I liked Sandpaper and Glue & Muddy Paws on Facebook. Oopsy!

  4. We have a 7 month old Boxer, named Rocky. He’s a totally crazy love bug! He’s our first dog and we are learning a lot while he keeps us on our toes! 🙂

  5. I have a chocolate lab named Maggie who in true lab fashion is always motivated by food. This past summer my lovely cherub starred a fire in my kitchen by turning on the stove trying to get to food. Luckily i was only gone for 30 min. A little scary to come with alarms blaring and the house filled with smoke. Please consider us in your giveway. Thanks!!
    I have also liked your page and muddy paws on Facebook.

  6. Liked both pages on Facebook :). Treats look perfect for my rescued boy Jacoby, he came from a shelter in MA. My 2 fur-nieces are LLB girls though! Dutch looks like Arthur and AddyBelle, are they siblings?

  7. We have Emily, who is our mostly human Yordle. Emily can identify fast food logos and declare her preference on road trips.

    Right now we also have GuestDog, a Schepperneke who went through some pretty horrific abuse. She likes to steal Gummy Bears.

  8. I’m so happy I stumbled upon your blog! I have a 3 yr Old Beagle named Starbucks. He is definitely my pride and joy. I’ve been so fortunate because he has never chewed anything in my house other than his toys. His Bestie is my neighbors Ibizan Hound Frosty. They luv playing together! At the same time everyday, Starbucks sits by the window waiting for Frosty to pass by our house! It’s sooo adorable 🙂

  9. We have a beagle/bassett named Wrigley (my husband is a Cubs fan)- at a 4H fair my oldest son asked his dad for $20 and came back a with a furry surprise.

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  11. Liked both Sandpaper & Glue and Muddy Paws on FB, I am owned by Champ & Katie – both are from Lucky Lab Rescue! Katie loves eating paper towels. We’re working VERY hard on the “leave it” command! 🙂

    Indy came from a ghetto family in Rose Park who couldn’t take care of him anymore.
    Buster came from the shelter. He was returned. It broke my heart. He is the biggest sweetheart.

  13. I totally wrote an awesome story of how my precious pup came to me and it disappeared. Here’s the shorter version: she was a stray and my boss took her in. Had her for 2 years. She was crazy and when you would try to pet the other dogs she was in your face demanding attention. So one day after I bought my first house I said “you know you could give her to me” not really being serious. But they did! And now two years later we are still thick as thieves. She first showed up in our lives at my church (Calvary Chapel) so the youth named her Calvary. She is a golden retriever shepherd and possibly chow mix. And I adore her.

    Oh and she doesn’t chew but if I don’t watch her she would eat all my toilet paper.

    • haha the other one did show– but this will count as your 3rd entry (one for commenting, one for liking sandpaper & glue on facebook, and this will count for your liking the muddy paw on facebook). 🙂

  14. Ok my dog is a golden retriever, shepherd, and possibly chow mix. she is named Calvary because I work and attend Calvary Chapel and when we were finishing up construction of our building she started hanging out. She was soooo skinny and possibly had been abused before (she was very scared and skittish). The pastor and his wife took her home. They already had two dogs so after Calvary settled in she was quite annoying. You would try to pet the other dogs and she would demand all the attention. Two years later I bought my first house and my pastors wife mentioned one day ( after a Calvary annoying moment) that she would do so much better if she were the only dog and I had the idea. Let me take her for a month and see how she and I do. After a week I was in love and told my friends they couldn’t have their dog back. She has been with me 3 years now and we do great together. Plus we have a dog sitter that she knows and trusts.

    She doesn’t chew much but does like to eat toilet paper when she can.

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