High 5 for Friday

Oh thank GOODNESS it’s Friday. It has been a crazy week at work and I am so looking forward to the weekend… oh wait, I have to work tomorrow too. Blech.

I’m trying a solid top 5 anyway:

1. Yesterday I posted my very first giveaway. HAVE YOU ENTERED YET? Because you totally should. Check it out here. Thanks to The Muddy Paw for sponsoring it!

2. Last night Matt & I went for a tour and tasting at a wedding venue. Though we’re pretty sure we know what we want to do, it didn’t hurt to check another place out. It was a gorgeous venue, but we have other ideas.

3. I successfully completed my month of organization posts! Check here for the listing of each one of them. WHEW.

4. Hurricane Sandy has come and gone and we, luckily, had no damage to our house. Instead, Matt & I got to spend a lovely day together because both of our jobs closed for the day.

5. I got a little email this morning saying a certain book had shipped:

Happy Friday!


3 thoughts on “High 5 for Friday

  1. Visiting from High Five. I am soooo jealous, I’ve been meaning to pre-order that book (right? pre-order cause it isn’t out yet right?) Glad you and the hubby are safe too!

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