Stencilled Name Cake

Ok, I’ll admit I’m stalling a bit with this post- but I’ve got several projects in the works right now that are totally worth waiting for. I promise 🙂

I’m almost positive I got this idea from Making It Lovely, but it was definitely over a year ago and I can’t find it on the site. Either way, it’s so super easy anyone can do it.

The chocolate cake is from I box, I know bad blogger, but like I said I have several other projects going and Papa doesn’t care if it’s from a box or from scratch as long as it’s chocolate. The name is written in powdered sugar and it’s literally so easy anyone can do it.

I’ve got letter stencils that my grandmother gave me, but if you don’t just print out the letters you need on your computer, probably in a thick font like Arial Black, and cut them out- any size you want. My stencils are thick cardboard, but computer paper or construction paper would work just fine because you’re only using it for the outline.

The plaid pattern on the cake was made by just lightly dragging a fork horizontally then vertically across the top- nothing fancy going on there.

Then, just lay your stencil on top of the cake and sprinkle on the sugar! I used a spon to sift it over, because I didn’t have a sifter, and it doesn’t have to be perfect.

Sorry for the terrible picture- between 3 cats and a dog any sort of food decoration needs to be done quickly and efficiently.

And that’s all she wrote! Now it’s time to go see Skyfall…

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3 thoughts on “Stencilled Name Cake

  1. This reminds me of Little House on the Prairie! Laura put a paper lace doily over the cake, shook powdered sugar over it, lifted it up, and voila…lace pattern! I’ve always wanted to do this, and you’ve inspired me to try it for our anniversary.

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