High 5 for Friday

Let’s just dive right in, because this week was pretty bomb dig (up until about 6:00pm last night…):

1. I joined forces with my blog friends to create the DIY Action Squad, and together we are challenging ourselves and our readers to create– just grab a copy of the Young House Love book and get to work! Read more here.

2. This week I only worked a glorious 3.5 days due to Veteran’s day and work being done at my house… which leads right into

3. We have finished the conversion from oil to gas heat! Cya never oil, you expensive son of a bitch. The conversion cost us $1200 (to have our chimney swept, lined, and repaired) and our utilities company covered the other $2000+ as part of an energy efficiency initiative. HOWEVER at 6pm last night our heat was shut off because the terrible, awful utilities company, Unitil, lost our paperwork and claimed I wasn’t renting a burner converter from them. Even though it was in my basement. With a property of Unitil sticker on it. Soooooo right now I’m sitting at my house waiting for someone to come turn it back on. I can’t even put into words the anger this has given me. I have been seething. This is not the first time Unitil has screwed me over.

4. Before all the nonsense went down, to celebrate our conversion from oil to gas, and to get out of the house while it warmed up (or so we thought) Matt & I went out to a new frozen yogurt place. It was ah-maz-ing. You make your own and pay by weight. I had cheesecake frozen yogurt with butterfingers, reeses, and peanut butter syrup. Om nom nom.

5. I have literally no obligations this weekend, and Matt is working, so I get to DIY and watch Netflix in my sweats all weekend long. Holler.


7 thoughts on “High 5 for Friday

  1. You poor thing 😦 I hope you had a zillion blankets to fester under. I hope they get it sorted out for you today. And I frackin LOVE pay-by-the-weight-fro-yo. So trendy, and so delish. Does your store have the fruit boba toppings? Because if so… you need to get on that. That shit’s GOOD. Enjoy your weekend my dear!

  2. Utilities, man, utilities. Talk about a relationship with a skewed power differential. Our power company credited our payment to another account (???) recently and I came home to cold pets and no power. I was NOT happy. They fixed it, and were all “sorry”, but didn’t really help my seething anger.

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