Thanksgiving Special

Happy Thanksgiving ya’all. Hope you’re stuffed full of deliciousness today :).

Instead of sharing with you all the things I’m thankful for, I thought I’d share a little video created circa 2006. Did you know I was a film major in college? Oh boy, was I. And so were all my friends. As part of that my friends entered a film festival where they drew a genre, character, and 2 lines of dialog out of a hat and then had like 5 days to write, cast, shoot, and edit the whole thing.

If you want to look for me, I played a pilgrim- there’s only one other girl in the whole thing and she plays a native american. My fiance (who was just a good friend at the time) is the bare chested native american chief. Be still my heart.

And so I present to you 6 minutes of pure Hollywood gold.

THANKSGIVING: A Lesson In History


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