High 5 for Friday

Happy Friday everyone! I hope you have the day off of work and that you get to enjoy a lovely 4 day weekend. My Black Friday plans include hitting up the local Habitat for Humanity Restore to support some local business- I try not to shop at chains today. That’s just my personal thing though- so if you did I hope you’re home and snuggled up and comfy by now! I’m resting my fingers up for Cyber Monday instead… which is not nearly as sexy as it sounds. Unless online sales and free shipping are what get you going. 🙂

Here’s my top 5 for the week, linked up with From My Grey Desk:

1. My DIY Action Squad project is done!! How’s yours coming along? I hope you link up with us all on Monday, we’d love to see what projects you’ve been doing. Read more about our challenge here!

2. I hosted Thanksgiving yesterday and it went very well- it was so nice to have my family at my house enjoying each other, all my hand me down kitchenware, and delicious food.

Basically the only thing we are all interested in when we get together now is this little man, my nephew and godson. What did we DO before he arrived?

3. I got assigned a night class at the community college I work at! I’ve been trying for three semester to get one (extra $$, good resume builder) and I CAN’T WAIT for it to start! I really do love where I work so the more I can do with them the better.

4. Since we didn’t get to see Matt’s family on Thanksgiving we’re headed to there house for the day tomorrow. We haven’t seen them since early September so I’m excited to pack up some leftovers and hit the road.

5. On another blog related note, I’m one Facebook like away from 50! Won’t you hop over and be number 50 (or 51, 52, 53…)?



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