The Office

I don’t post about the office too often because it’s Matt’s space, and I try really hard to respect that and not decorate in there. It’s difficult. Super difficult. None the less he has let me do a few things:

  • Pick the paint color (he’s color blind, so that’s always a given)
  • Add a bulletin board and some wall storage
  • Rearrange the furniture (at least 3 times…)

I have a really hard time getting this room to look good in photographs, even in the after pictures it still looks super cluttered. But in perspective, this room was actually the master bedroom for the previous owners because it is the largest. Also, I don’t show the whole room in the pictures because the back wall is where the litter boxes are so you know, you don’t really need to see that.

Anywho, after I went a bit hog wild on chair hoarding I reorganized this room to accomodate the slipper chair that was originally meant for the sunroom.

Here’s how it was before:

Super cluttered everywhere.


& lopsided.


I got rid of that black bookcase because it was old and cheap and falling apart anyway. Then I moved the wooden bookcase (on the right side of the first picture) to the other side of the room, which made room for the slipper chair. Then this past weekend I picked up an end table at the Habitat Restore for $12 (which I may or may not redo, we’re feeling it out first). And voila…. it’s not my dream room, but Matt sure likes it:

The desk is still far too unorganized for my liking- but it’s not my liking that matters here. I think this new set up gives the room a little more space to breathe.


This new little corner gives me somewhere to sit with my laptop while Matt’s on his desktop, and it softens the room up a bit as well. Those shelves on the wall are from a consignment shop, maybe $14 total, and spray painted with leftover spray I had in the basement. Unfortunately the cat post needs to be there or that chair will be destroyed, so I at least got a sisal one instead of a carpet wrapped one. 

So basically, this room has taught me a few things:

  • Not every room in my house can look picturesque, because not every room in this house is mine.
  • I love all 4 of our pets and I need to stop trying to hide their furniture- we have 3 scratching posts, 3 litter boxes, 4 bowls of water, and bones up the wazoo. And that’s just what’s happening.
  • Matt won’t let me style his shelves no matter how much I beg.


So there you go- what do you think of the end table? Would you redo it? Does this room look at least a little better now?


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8 thoughts on “The Office

  1. If it was a girl office I’d say MAKE ALL THAT WOOD WHITE. THE SHELVES- EVERYTHING.

    But…it’s a dude room. Dude’s like wood. My Nate loves some ugly old vintage wood in his man rooms. Don’t stress about it because if you don’t redo it, it means that he doesn’t have to worry about ruining it. It’s his room- don’t make him be careful 😉

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