Jars as light fixtures?

Yesterday my girl Emma posted about using jars as updated light fixtures and had trouble finding a jar that would work, so I told her I’d test out a few from my hoard to see if I could make anything work.

I have an intense glass jar hoard: sauce jars, jam jars, peanut butter jars, salsa jars…. you name it, I’ve got it. And ultimately I found that the jar from the weird peanut butter my fiance likes (Natural Teddie Peanut Buter) was the one that had the largest mouth, and therefore the one that not only fit in my fixture but also fit over my regular sized light bulb.

Before I share with you pictures I’m going to ask that you kindly refrain from judging the following areas of my bathroom:

  • The weird spot by the mirror where the previous owners stopped tiling, which is perfectly located in a spot far enough out that one couldn’t just buy a larger mirror to cover the area
  • The tile itself, it’s disgusting
  • The fact that I totally didn’t even close my shower curtain all the way when I took these pictures
  • Anything else awful about my bathroom I’m forgetting to mention

Please and thank you.

And now, a whole mess of pictures:

One the left you can see the original old lady fixture, and on the right you can see the peanut butter jar, and in the mirror reflection you can see my gross yellow glowing vent.

Here she is at a level view. If we stick with this, we’d get a prettier looking bulb.

And from the side- you can see here I’ve got the type of fixtures that requires you tighten 3 screws to hold the cover in place, as opposed to one where you would thread it in (like tightening the cover of a jar).

One more that shows you the current one vs. this one

So here’s the deal, if you turn on that light it is like THE POWER OF THE SUN in there. So we’d have to go with a lower wattage if we stuck with this. And then we were thinking maybe we’d just paint the top half too… but I feel like it’s so close to the bulb that might be a bad idea? Thoughts on this?

Another concern: I immediately felt like this looked ridiculous because it sticks straight out from the wall, as opposed to if we had a fixture where it would sort of hang over (like the one in Emma’s post), but Matt seemed to really like it. What do you think?



16 thoughts on “Jars as light fixtures?

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  2. Years ago I broke the glass globe of the side porch light fixture at that time the peanut butter jars were made of glass .. I used on fto replace the broken light fixture.A little girl named Stephania ( my sweetie) stood by as I replaced the globe with the peanut butter jar……I wonder if she remembers that day?

  3. hm. I’m torn. I’m not hating it but I’m not loving it. at first I was picturing something that would be hanging so I think I’m just confused haha 🙂

    also, I LOVE that peanut butter! we had it at a day care I worked at sophomore year in Fitchburg. and they don’t sell it on the west coast 😦

  4. There’s a store online that sells vintage tile. You could send in a broken tile and they’d match it for you. Also, in defense of TPOs, I’d say it looks more like there’s a weird tile gap due to replacing the original medicine cabinet with the cute white one. A big old vintage cabinet would cover it right up!

    • I might try to find a smaller bulb and go with a salsa jar instead, which has the same size opening but is much shorter so it won’t stick out as much. I’m going to have to peruse the lightbulb aisle!

  5. YOU FIGURED IT OUT. THANK YOU STEPHANIE’S JAR HOARD. You know what…it works for me! It’s got that whole…fire station thing going on. Very Industrial. Especially if you got a BA Edison bulb in there so you could see the filament and stuff. The clear really opens up the space. But girl. Paint that tile ASAP lol I’m telling ya, paint the tile white, put some gray paint up above and you’ve got a cool industrial space for not a lot of money. http://www.brokeasshome.com/2012/09/diw-maggies-tile.html

    • I think without the tile, or with the tile painted white, I’d like the look a lot more. But here’s the deal with the tile… there are LAYERS. It looks like there used to be towel bars everywhere and then they took them out and covered the holes with tiles. Some spots are double tiled, some spots have 3 layers. It’s madness. SO….any tips on how to remove layers of tile without damaging the first layer?

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