Checking In

So here’s the scoop- I was way too busy having an awesome weekend to work on the house. We went to an all night improv comedy show Friday night, which then meant Saturday I basically slept all day, and then Sunday I volunteered at a fundraiser for the rescue where I got my dog.


weekend collage


The show at Improv Asylum was awesome, as it is every year, and it raised over $30,000 for a charity called Global Santa. Then on Sunday dozens of people came out to have their dogs’ picture taken with Santa for a Lucky Lab Rescue & Adoption fundraiser, including Dutch’s sister Chloe! It was so fun to see them together, they were adopted at different times so I’ve never met her- and oh my goodness she is so much smaller then him. It was adorable.

Hopefully I’ll be back in a few days with something a little more DIY related, but no promises– it may just be a photo of my dog with Santa.


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    • haha if it doesn’t post soon I might go crazy… from the looks of it it’s going to be very awkward. he was not pleased to be on a strangers’ lap.

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