Spray Paint Projects

I’ve formally declared December the month I get things done, and have thus decided that includes blog organization as well as home organization. The “Project Central” page in my header has just been a lazy link to Pinterest for about a year now and it’s time I made it an actual comprehensive list. I thought that since I’ve gained so many new followers that instead of just moving everything over there, I’d divide it up into categories and post about it as well so you can all check out anything you’ve missed that you might have wanted to see.

Today I’m gathering my spray paint projects (in no particular order):

  1. DIY Sunburst Mirror
  2. Dresser redo
  3. Spray painted and glazed accent chest
  4. Spray painted and reupholstered chair
  5. Spray painted shutters
  6. Spray painting a metal mirror

spray paint collage


7 thoughts on “Spray Paint Projects

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  3. I’ve been doing some research on the whole SEO side of blogging. I think your ‘compilations’ work well with what I’m learning so you should gain a lot more followers (stalkers) by the effort. Win win right? 🙂

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