Finishing more 95%ers.

Earlier in December I declared this would be the month I wrap up as many loose ends around the house as possible. I organized my Project Central page here on the blog,  organized my pot and pan lid covers, found a use for my extra Ikea sheepskin rug, and replaced a dingy curtain with a handmade one I had accidentally left sitting in a closet for about a year.

A few other tiny annoyances are gone now as well:

  • I moved all the mugs in my kitchen to one spot, because for some weird reason I was storing them in two separate places
  • I am no longer keeping my napkins on top of the fridge in the package they came in, but rather a cute little wire basket on top of the microwave
  • I fixed a little owl trinket I got at a craft fair a few years ago

I also resewed a pillow a certain puppy got a hold of back when he was teething:



and after a little sewing…IMG_1883









And we are officially testing out using salsa jars as light fixtures. A few weeks ago I posted that we had decided to test out using a  peanut butter jar as a light fixture, we’ve since switched it to salsa (it’s a little smaller) and replaced both fixtures and it’s kind of growing on me:

yes, I do have a plate of glittery Christmas trees on the sink. Because that's the only place the cats can't get them.

yes, I do have a plate of glittery Christmas trees on the sink. Because that’s the only place the cats can’t get them.





So what have you been getting done around the house? Are you ready for the holidays?!


7 thoughts on “Finishing more 95%ers.

  1. I like the jars!! And I like the title of the post. If I think of my little projects here and there as the 5% that is keeping me from calling something complete, I’ll be more likely to tackle it! New Year’s resolution!

    • thanks!! I am working super hard to get all my loose ends wrapped up before the new year, I’m notorious for leaving projects almost done 🙂 haha

  2. I’m impressed with your bathroom festiveness. And I think I like the salsa jars better. They look more to scale. Happy Christmas 🙂

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