High 5 for Friday!

PhotobucketI’m getting back on the high 5 bandwagon this week… and oh my goodness did this week dragggggggggggg. Ugh! Did anyone else feel that way?

Anywho, here’s the highlights:

1. Matt officially wrapped up student teaching on Wednesday, which means he is 100% done with his bachelor’s (and graduating with honors!!) Such a huge feat, 10 years in the making, and I couldn’t be more proud of him. And to top it off, he’s got a teaching job all lined up too! What a stud!

This is an old picture of us, but it pretty much sums things up.

This is an old picture of us, but it pretty much sums things up.

2. I work at a college and amongst the zillion things I do, one is teach a course. And I have to say I’m so glad it’s over. Some of my students really rocked and rolled this semester, but some nosomuch. I’m ready to welcome in a new classroom of students.

3. Matt had Monday, Tuesday, and Wednesday night off this week (which makes up for the fact that he’s working until 11 Thursday, Friday, and Saturday…) so we got to spend 3 lovely evenings together. A rarity when your significant other works in the evil realm of retail.

4. My Christmas shopping is DONE! I have to get Jack-a-roo (ahem, Jack, my nephew) a box of diapers but that’s about it. HOLLER. Also, I’d like to put on the record that I am literally the worst gift wrapper ever. Bags all the way!

5. I have serious projects planned around the house this weekend. I am also feeling a solid level of motivation to actually complete them. So expect 2013 to start off with a bang here on the ‘ol blog!

This is my determined face.

This is my determined face.

Now tell me… if the world had actually ended today, what do you wish you would have done? I am totally dying (heh heh) to go to Legoland. And the San Diego Zoo. So one big swoop through that part of California would have been awesome.


Update: Just saw this on the interwebs this morning, and THIS is totally where I will need to stay on my before I die trip.


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