Stripey New Sunroom!

Our sunroom has been in a constant state of flux for the past year and a half, it is an addition to the house and one of the rooms we use the most. We enter and leave through the side door, we let the dog in and out through the sliders, and we use it for entertaining guests (as opposed to the living room) more often then not. So my goals for this room have always been clear:

  • It must be durable (every animal sits in this room all day long while we’re at work- claws and fur and all)
  • It must be realistic for our lifestyle (we broke, yo, and cats = painful rug death)
  • It must work with what we already have (ie, the bar and curtain rods are brown/bronze and I wasn’t going to repaint or replace them).
  • It must be sexy (because I said so)

I think I have finally achieved that goal, and I’ve been sharing sneak peeks and progress on Facebook and Twitter for the past week. But what’s a room reveal without a reminder of the nonsense we started with when we first moved in:

Here's the view from the kitchen looking into the room, at the end of the couch is the side door (cut off in the picture). This is the first room I saw when I toured the house.

Here’s the view from the kitchen looking into the room, at the end of the couch is the side door (cut off in the picture). This is the first room I saw when I toured the house.

And here's the other side of the "sunroom." It wasn't very sunny... yet.

And here’s the other side of the “sunroom.” It wasn’t very sunny… yet.

August of 2012 I ran a little one year later series catching up with each of the rooms, so you can check out the in between state here. That wallpaper lasted less then 24 hours and the room has spent most of its life with us a mossy green:

An improvement, but still not quite right.

An improvement, but still not quite right.

BUT NOW LET’S GET TO THE GOOD STUFF. The mossy green wasn’t working. So, I put two coats of primer on the wall, then two coats of Behr White Truffle Paint. Then I grabbed my handy dandy laser level and went to town:

Black Friday weekend this Black & Decker laser level was seriously discounted, I got it for $12. Basically it inspired this entire room.

Seriously, without a laser level I wouldn’t have had the patience to stripe this whole room, it curved around the corners and made life so so easy.

I used the laser level to mark off foot thick stripes throughout the entire room, then Frog Tape to tape off the stripes, then I pressed each strip of tape down with a plastic card to make sure it was on extra good.

I used the laser level to mark off foot thick stripes throughout the entire room, then Frog Tape to tape off the stripes, then I pressed each strip of tape down with a plastic card to make sure it was stuck extra good. DO NOT skip this step. You’ll want to, but don’t. I’m not going to tell you this was a breeze, it took about five hours to tape off the whole room. So be ready to hang in there because it is SO worth it.

You’ll see two types of tape in the pictures- I used Scotch Blue tape for around the molding simply because I had it on hand. I used Frog Tape for my stripes- and I suggest if you want a very clean very clear line you do the same. Honestly, I never want to use Scotch tape again after this project. There really is a difference in the products (and I promise, I don’t know anyone at Frog Tape, it’s just my honest to goodness from experience opinion)- besides the crispness sof the line, the Frog Tape was way easier to pull off too.

But back on track… many hours later the room looked as so:

Bam! Tape stripes! I gave the white truffle color a day to dry and set before taping just because I was super afraid it was going to peel up (it didn't).

Bam! Tape stripes! I gave the white truffle color a day to dry and set before taping just because I was super afraid it was going to peel up (it didn’t).

It’s hard to tell in this picture, but to save paint I measured up a foot from the floor and down a foot from the ceiling and just painted the white truffle in those boundaries, since the top and bottom stripes would be gray.

The most difficult part of the taping was remember to tape inside the white truffle stripes, because the gray was the secondary color(Partridge Gray by Better Homes & Garden, color matched to Behr). I kept forgetting about that, and had to retape a few sections a few times.

Ohhhh! Ahh!!!

Ohhhh! Ahh!!!

I’m not going to lie, I was so nervous the paint was going to bleed through the tape and I’d have a million zillion touch ups to do. But here it is, no touch ups needed at all:

Oh what crisp lines you have, grandma! (anyone? anyone?)

Oh what crisp lines you have, Grandma! (anyone? anyone?)

Have I kept the suspense going long enough? Are you ready? I SAID ARE YOU READY?!!



My Nonna calls them “HGTV stripes.”

And once more, so your finger doesn’t have to scroll all the way up, here’s the before:



And the glorious after:



In case you’re interested, a quick source list:

  • The lighter color paint is Behr White Truffle, darker color is Partridge Gray by Better Homes & Gardner color matched to Behr. They both have brown undertones in them that are hard to see in this picture, but definitely help in real life to tie in the brown furniture.
  • The bar is from Bob’s Furniture
  • The chairs were from the side of the road, and redone.
  • The bench is from Christmas Tree Shops, but reupholstered.
  • The yellow curtains were made by my Nonna, the slider curtains are thermal lined and from JC Penney
  • The picture frames are from TJ Maxx


UPDATE: More tips, tricks, and info on painting & this room here



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  7. Yippeeee!! Well done! I did tho, love that green, it was cozy. That room is awesome to begin with!!! That before…dear god what WAS that going on in there ? WHO lived there and WHY?! LOL But, awesome job on those stripes and just love the yellow with it! Love the re-do chairs and the other furniture in there! And how long DID it take you to tape off the bottom 1/2 of this room being a laser and the cats?! How much play time was there?!! LOL…again…great job!!!

    • I liked the green too– it just looked so out of place once we got the rest of the house decorated though. Taping off that wall probably took about 4-5 hours …between the three cats and the measurements it was no easy task!! haha

  8. What a beautiful transformation of your sunroom. The stripes are divine. I did my first stripes recently in our guestroom and used frog tape and like you couldn’t believe how crisp the lines turned out. Yours look just beautiful and I love the pops of yellow on those gray stripes. gorgeous!

    • Thanks Lindsey… I totallyyyy forgot to include in my email to you that the paint and tape was made possible by the $50 home depot gift certificate I won on your website!! 🙂

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  10. Looks very nice Stephie good work. Did I ever tell you that I once painted white lines across the chalkboard in my kndg. Made it easier for kids to print on a straight line. Now that’s an idea for your chalkboard……………………….Nonna

  11. WOW!!! Stephanie, it looks like a whole ‘nother room! And it really makes the sweet curtains your Nonna made you POP. It looks awesome.

    And I love,love,love the picture of the cat entranced by the laser level.

  12. Steph, it is srsyl GORGEOUS! I know we can’t see it in the pictures, but I bet it ties in with your kitchen beautifully. I love how the stripes really make the yellow curtains pop. The whole room is so much brighter, as it should be. I know what a pain taping is, but your taping job was prime 🙂 Perfect lines!

  13. I’m the commenting queen today……one thing I’ve learned to tell my husband in 12 years of marriage and home ownership is, “I’m a woman and by nature, we are nesters. So you can have your opinions but in the end, it’s my biological need to do up a house the way I see fit.” He can’t really argue with biology. 😀

    • haha i love it! I got luckily enough to snag a man that is color blind, which gives me a huge amount of freedom around the house. But it is true, I can not stop the nesting. I do my best not to be overly girly, but that’s about all I can promise 🙂

  14. Kati’s comment made me giggle…what is it when men not getting the vision?!?!?! Ha ha. I am so thankful for Pinterest…whenever I tell my husband about something and he wrinkles up his nose, I have 13 photos of the exact thing I want to do at my disposal to show him how cool it actually will look. I told him I wanted to paint all our interior doors black and he was like, “With white trim? But that will clash! It will be too dark! It will be too weird!” and I showed him a few pics and he went, “Oh. Yeah, that looks pretty classy.” LOL!!!!

  15. It looks amazing! We had stripes in our old Tallahassee home (not living there any longer *sniff sniff*) and funny story… my husband couldn’t get on board with the vertical stripes regardless of the untold millions of stories I told him about how great they are, how they can make a room bigger, add subtle touches…. He just “didn’t get it.” Well, he got it one day when he came home from work and VOILA! beige on white stripes accented one wall. They were my favorite part of the house, and they really tied everything together nicely (we had a black white and yellow Victorian/French scheme going on.) No pics on the current blog, but it was wonderful. Hub’s response when he saw them for the first time: “When are you going to fill in the rest?” hoping HONESTLY that after all of that work I was going to just paint over it. HAHA. Again… looks great!

    • haha it must be a guy thing- I had the hardest time getting Matt on board with this one, he just could not wrap his head around how it was going to look. Luckily he’s very used to coming home and finding new paint colors, or furniture, or a complete overhaul 🙂 Beige on white sounds awesome, I like the subtlety of it!

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