13 plans for 2013

I’m just going to go ahead and throw out some home goals for 2013… which will hopefully help hold me accountable for said goals. Because there are lots of things I just don’t feel like doing, and lots of things that seem like they might take too long, and lots of things that just didn’t hold my terribly short attention span. But darn it, they’ve got to happen.

In no particular order, 2013 will be the year I:

1. Finish redoing the half bath. For crying out loud!

2. Finish removing the carpet on the basement stairs, and repaint them.

3. Repaint the sun room with big, thick stripes. (oh wait, I DID THAT ONE EARLY)

4. Do something, anything, to our pit of a yard.

5. Finish the walkway I dug up halfway and then never touched again.

6. Create a lovely herb garden outside my sun room bay window

7. Switch out the bathroom light plate and outlet plates (to white!)

8. Refinish the top of the dresser, because I didn’t realize I needed to seal it the first time around.

9. Paint the movie room (which is the finished part of the basement).

10. Buy a leaf blower and properly remove leaves before winter.

11. Learn to use more power tools.

12. Add the hanging shelf to the master bedroom, because it’s been leaning up against the basement wall for about a year.

13. Even out the color palette for the house.

What are some of your goals for 2013? Are they lofty or doable? Do you also have a million half done projects you need to get the lead out on?!


7 thoughts on “13 plans for 2013

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  3. I posted individual pics of my bucket list on Instagram (and FB & Twitter) today – holy blindness Batman! It’s my version of “Stars w/out Makeup” sans flashbulbs. Figured it would not only help increase my followership but how can I NOT finish those projects now that the world has seen my dirty secrets??? Looking forward to your finished naked stairs – I’ll wait til you’re done to add it to my list. (Maybe for 2014).

  4. Your goals are extremely doable. I think you will you follow through and cross off every single one. Cuz you’re just great like that 🙂 Happy new year!

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