High 5 for Friday!

Hey gals (and guys? are there any of you out there?) happy Friday! Once again I’m linking up with Lauren at From My Grey Desk to list my top 5 this week:


1. Matt & I brought in the new year with our dog, my brother and sister in law, and most importantly our nephew. We marathoned the Indiana Jones movies, ate too much food, and played with Jack Attack for a solid 24 hours. It was lovely. I very much do not require big crowded parties anymore.

2.I am officially the master of this ship- on January first this site became SandpaperAndGlue.com ! Woo hoo!

3. Back in college I interned at a casting agency  and keep in touch here and there with what they’re up to (mostly via Facebook stalking). WELL this week they posted that Keurig was looking for some locals to be in a corporate video and I submitted an application and got picked! So basically I’m about to be corporate Keurig famous. Please, no flash photography. Oh and the best part… it pays in a $100 Keurig.com gift certificate. Holler.

4. Tomorrow my little Jack is being christened and I will go from Zia (“aunt” in Italian) to Zia and Godmother (quick, Nonna, how do you say that one in Italian?). It’s such an honor and an excitement.

5. Back when Matt & I got engaged his mom and stepdad sent us a gift certificate to a crazy nice restaurant, one we could never afford to go to on our own, and tonight to celebrate Matt starting his grown up job we’re finally hitting the town and using it! I can’t wait… I’m so excited I might even blow dry my hair and bust out the uncomfortable heels.

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ps- if you got a direct message from me on Twitter it was spam, sorry about that! I have no idea what happened there. 


7 thoughts on “High 5 for Friday!

  1. I’m glad you had a happy New year. We marathoned Batman. Indiana Jones was on our “maybe” list. But since my nephew Dylan wants to watch it evvvvvvery time he comes over, we decided to stick with the sexy Mr Bale. Congrats on all the other exciting things. You’re going to be Keurig famous! And a GODMOTHER! aw.

  2. WRONG……….When we were kids we called and Italian aunt Zi or Zia.
    We called an Auntie, ZiZi
    A godmother is a Comare

    So my dear you are Comare ZiZi
    Love you, Nonna

  3. you know the slang for godmother in Italian……….”goumada” or “goomar”. I think the correct term is “madrina”

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