Another little kitchen update

In my one year later kitchen update I shared a list of things we still needed to do:

  • Paint picture frame and wooden wall outlets white
  • Sand and paint cellar door
  • Finish sanding and painting ceiling (to hide where the old lighting was)
  • Paint remaining window sill white (it’s the only one downstairs still original wood)

I’m proud to say that all but the 2nd bullet point have been completed! woo!! A week ago I painted the remaining window sill…which also helps to fulfill item number 13 on my 13 for 2013 list– even out the color palette of the house.

Literally every single bit of trim on the first floor of this house is white, but I stalled for a year and a half on making this one match because it hurts my heart a little to paint original wood. However, it hurts it a little less when it looks like this hot mess:


The arrows point to some of the zillion nail holes that I had to fill. Why were there nail holes on the bottom part of the window? The world may never know.

I filled all the holes with wood filler, lightly sanded, and wiped it down with a damp cloth. Then it took 3 coats of primer and 2 coats of pure white paint to get it looking lovely…. wood soaks up paint. I always recommend doing an extra coat of primer even if you don’t think you need it.

Drumroll for the big reveal….

It is SHOCKINGLY more bright over here with that one little update.

It is SHOCKINGLY more bright over here with that one little update.

Look, I even did my dishes for you!

Look, I even did my dishes for you!

This was a super easy update- it took about 10 minutes to paint each coat so I did all the primer on a Friday night (because my life is out of control wild) and all the top coat on a Saturday night (because again, wild and out of control lifestyle over here).

Moral of the story? If your wood looks like hell, don’t wait a year and a half wishing it would get better. Replace or redo it and move on!


14 thoughts on “Another little kitchen update

  1. I have been tempted to paint the bathroom woodwork white. Do you have any free time? The kitchen window looks so nice.Is that my platter on the kitchen counter corner ?

    • i LOVE those canister, they were the Liberty of London line Target had a long time ago… every now and then Target brings in big name designers to make stuff at their prices and I scoop it all up.

  2. I’m usually a wood purist, but there are times where it just needs a quick solution. This really brightened up your kitchen and I love the little yellow curtain to match your sunroom? Did Nona make that too?

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