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I guest posted about 5 months ago, on a blog that no longer exists, all about how we adopted our love muffin Dutch. I thought I’d share the post here today (with a few updates)so it doesn’t get lost forever:

Meet Dutch, my dog sidekick. He lives with me, his dad, and his 3 cat siblings in the Sandpaper & Glue house.

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A few months after moving into this home my fiancé, Matt, and I determined that we had to have a dog. We decided to adopt from Lucky Lab Rescue and Adoption at the recommendation of a few friends. Lucky Lab is based in Indiana and we could view all their dogs online, submit an application, and then go pick up our dog when he arrived here in New England. It was so very strange to me to meet up with thirty other families in a parking lot and adopt a dog we’d never met that was bounding off an RV, but Lucky Lab is awesome and so are their dogs.

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Never having owned a dog, let alone a puppy, this past year has been interesting. I have re-sewn all four corners of our bedspread at least twice, as well as countless shirts, and the couch. I have replaced two Macintosh power cords and one pair of prescription glasses.  He quickly learned how to jump over his pen, smash open his crate, and has now earned free reign of the house when we’re not home by default.

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Dutch snuggles up with us in bed every single night, in between us when we watch tv, and by our feet when we sit outside. He watches us pull down the driveway every time we leave and is wagging his tail at the door every time we get back. He does an excited lap around the room when we ask if he wants to go for a ride, he tries so hard to sit patiently when we un-wrap a new bone, and he licks the face of anyone who dare enter our home.

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Dutch turned one at the end of August, and his one year adoption anniversary was  the week before Thanksgiving. My best friend, I hope we have lots more adventures in your second year- I’m so glad you now sleep through the night and I dread the day we start training you to sleep on your very own bed (instead of under the covers of ours!)

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  4. AWWWWW I love it! He is so adorable! They really make life better! I remember having to train ellie to sleep though the night. Thankfully she is good at that now and can hold her bladder so she no longer sleeps in her kennel. For a while she was sleeping on our bed which was super adorable but also not the most comfortable. She now gets off the bed and goes to her own bed when the lights turn out! 🙂

  5. Goodness I love doggies. I did some research on Lucky Labs from seeing them on Facebook all the time- they seem like a wonderful rescue company. And you know me- RESCUE ALL THE ANIMALS. Love you, dutchie!

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